"MGL Pre-SBO Brawl" Results

First off I’d like to thank everyone who came out to participate or spectate. HUGE turnout for MGL, tournament ended up starting at 8:00 PM and ending at 1:00 AM. For those who missed out on this one DO NOT miss the “MGL Pre-EVO Battle” scheduled for this summer.

Very special thanks to Bronson(Insanelee), Rob(RenoROB), Steven(Cableguy) & Edwin for helping. You are greatly appreciated!

MGL Pre-SBO Brawl Results:

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike - 30 Contenders

1st Place: Pyrolee
2nd Place: Ricky Ortiz
3rd Place: Alex Valle

Capcom VS. SNK 2 - 36 Contenders

1st Place: John Choi(ChoiBoy)
2nd Place: Ricky Ortiz
3rd Place: Eric Lee(Leezy)

Marvel VS. Capcom 2 - 10 Contenders

1st Place: Anthony Leon(Neezy)
2nd Place: Mikey Rasphone
3rd Place: Nick Ballantine

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection - 30 Contenders

1st Place: Bronson Tran(Insanelee)
2nd Place: Ricky Ortiz
3rd Place: Q Dogg

Super Street Fighter II Turbo - 9 Contenders

1st Place: Alex Wolfe
2nd Place: Graham Wolfe
3rd Place: Jason Nelson

“Blast From The Past” winners:

We ended up running out of time and didnt finish the “Blast From The Past” free entry tournaments, so we ended up raffling off the $10 Fun Ticket to the remaining contenders in the winners bracket. Congratulations to the raffle winners, you guys fought well to be eligible for this raffle.

Red Earth raffle winner: Josh(J Stonez)

Tekken Tag raffle winner: Indu

$10 Fun Ticket raffle give away winners:

“Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike” raffle winner: Chris C.

“Capcom VS. SNK 2” raffle winner: Josh P.

“Marvel VS. Capcom 2” raffle winner: Nick Ballantine

“Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection” raffle winner: Indu

“Super Street Fighter II Turbo” raffle winner: Dave

Congratulations guys

Once again thanks to everyone for coming out to this event and we hope to see you this summer!


Whoa Ricky took 2nd on 3s? I left early and last I saw Valle sent Ricky to losers with red Ken??? So Ricky came back and took 2nd!! Good sh*t!!!

Valle with the twelve murder… wtf!!!

Pyrolee with the 40 wins/streak! Too good!

Great tourney once again CPS!!!

Lintrix dang I thought you had Cole!!! Hahaha so close!!! Hell-o-a-game!

One more thing: NO FULL RESULTS? Or top 10 at least…

wtf where were all the 36 man cvs2 tourneys when i was in norcal?

I had a great time.

Lol, Sucks that I had to be Ricky Ortiz’s first victim on the way to 2nd place in 3s.

Pyrolee, You seem like a really nice guy. Thanks for the tips and good luck at SBO.:tup:

Cant wait for the Pre Evo tourney.

Can someone post up full results?

Was good tourney, SJSU one was good as well. Can someone post those results as well?


dam sound like it was a good tourny. I wanted to go since i frequent there alot but had to work late. But i’m definutely making it to pre evo tourny. GJ to the winners and gl to pyro/ricky at sbo.

CPS: Great tournament once again everything was ran smoothly, dont go away joe!

Jascon Cole: Good urien matches…down to the wire >_<

Good games to everyone played a lot of competition, fun games to watch!!!

yo lintrix are you coming to the tilt tourney this sat?

Ya i should be rolling through if i can get other people to go with me…i wont find out till probably thursday.

I don’t have the brackets but I’ll get copies and post them ASAP.

… nigga WHAT?

N - 20ccs of footage, STAT!

I don’t think anyone got it on tape but yeah… Valle was rapin foos with TWELVE!!! :clap:

wow…36 people for cvs…how long did that take? Also didn’t anyone get footage of 3s, st, and cvs?

about 3 to 4 hours on two cabs. it could have finished a little quicker but there were a lot of players entered in every tournament, so we waited a little bit for them.

Man I wish I could have gone… I didn’t know a lot of the big names were going to be there.

Eric Lee Baby, Holding It Down, Throw It Up!

there are big names at every tourney…where have u been?

Big Names = Lintrix! He’s coming up you just don’t know!! :tup: