MGS, A-groove Avatar request

MGS, A-groove Avatar request(FAIRLY easy)

Can I get a CvS2 AV of my A-groove team in these colors. L.k Ken in front(Doing his taunt), 3P Sakura with the victory pose where her arms are crossed and her skirt is blowing in the wind, And l.k Bison in Back when he’s in his cape at the begining of a match. And a full A-groove meter at the bottom. If you can put a cool looking picture of Solid Snake in the background that would own, but if you cant it’s ok. I’ll settle for my name “SnakeDizzle” or a filipino flag if you can find one.

To keep it from being too plain can it be a gif with Sakura’s skirt and Bison’s cape blowing in the wind and kens finger moving as he does the taunt. I’ll respect the AV maker’s creativity so if you have anything else that can pimp it out then go ahead. If you can make this AV thanks in advance. I would give props in my signiture, but with that gayass limit they have now I wont be able to.

Thanks… SnakeDizzle