MGTOW Chronicles:Men Going Their Own Way


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EDIT2: This first post now contains perhaps the best MGTOW vid ever…and it isn’t about MGTOW.


Star Wars

LOL @ Work is too boring.

How about just… making a life for yourself? Work, don’t work. Cook, don’t cook. Do what you want to do and simply empower yourself to do it. That’s all nay Human Being needs to do.

But please, buy into the socialized mold of what the media tells you you’re supposed to do. Keep reading that Cosmo.

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Women are generally wired to never know what they want


I hate the word ‘wired’ but yeah. They want what they want. Usually at some given moment, and then it changes the moment they actually get it. :rofl:


Surprised you guys even know what MGTOW is about.


-looks at article-

-sees that it’s about british women-

-kanye shrugs and leaves the thread-


I thought this was a screwed up abbreviation of Garou: Mark Of The Wolves.


ive never heard of the place but im not usually big about anti feminism rants n shit.


Well when in my 30 plus years every woman i ever encounter behaves the same, then i tend to think wired is the term we should use. But i think its more of a product of social at large are to blame by holding thier hands thru life cause sex…woman never have to develop a personality or a life skill if they dont want to cause theres always a white knight to save them from themselves. But yeah you’re right…as soon as they get something, they dont want it anymore…i call it the cat and string theory


why no mark garou the of wolves


responding to this thread:

i wonder if it has less to do with actual male/female biology and more due to the inherent power relations through history. if the roles were reversed would men not find themselves in this situation?/ it is hard to say. but i think it is a cultural thing


I don’t disagree with what you’re saying I just fucking hate the term ‘wired.’

“Are men hard-wired to hold in their feelings?”
“Are women hard-wired to be more nurturing?”

I hate that term when it’s used that way. It’s an oversimplification of a immensely complicated concept.

But yeah, the feminist problem we’re experiencing is both a natural and socialized issue. Men are more driven by tasks, goals and accomplishment, and women are driven to acquire resources and security. That’s nature. The bullshit we tell children when they’re young and that everyone buys into automatically (be a gentleman to women, hold the door for women, be sensitive) is socialized. It’s becoming more problematic because there’s very little incentive left to be masculine, since it’s so socially shamed.

Our society is also highly over-sexed while at the same time really prudish. That, coupled with the anti-masculine message that gets passed on to most young boys makes for wave after wave of sexually eager males without the fundamental qualities to successfully realize the impossible goals set by society. Carriage before horse type of thing. Once a person has fallen into that cycle, it’s difficult to get out of it, primarily due to socially-enforced family laws, values and taboos.

Hence the growing portion of men who just opt out of all this shit altogether. And I can’t blame them.

But yeah, I fucking hate the term “hard-wired/wired.”



wait so wtf IS mtgow


Men Go Their Own Way.

Anti-Feminist stuff, that talks about women being shit.


I’m not.

Pretty sure a lot of people posting here would fit in just fine with them.

You don’t just stumble about that website then proceed to make a thread about a thread from that website…


nerdass shit prob


your typing it made me think MGO:TW?!!


I might have to use this, but change it to MANGINA THE GATHERING OF WOMEN.

To answer @NickRocks, Here’s my description of what a MGTOW is:

MGTOW guys have looked at the way society is, mainly the way relationships with women are with special attention given to feminism and the part the government now plays in such relationships, and said,“NOPE!! Don’t want it!!” and have basically left society, Some have literally left it as is the case of the Japanese men who for whatever reason don’t even leave their rooms. The most noticeable effect have been the plummeting marriage rates, followed by the equally drastic drop in childbirths throughout places like US, Japan, Germany, etc. Some have termed it,“The sexodus”, in recent media reports, and many others have tried to use every insult and shaming attack possible to make men return, to no avail. I’d say go to the website to learn more because my explaination is pretty much just mine. there are plenty of other men there who can offer you a better, if not clearer understanding that I can. Hope that helps.



“Self responsibility is TOO HARD”

Literally asking to be treated like children.


Radical Bachelorism.


I hate it when people read some acronyms like a word. Migtow still sounds weird to me.