MHC's Mystery Game Tournaments: Back like cooked crack - 9/18 at the Dojo

We’re in there. With the move to Dojo tournaments being bi-weekly, I will try to run a mystery tournament each week along with SSF4 singles. The upcoming tournament will be a little different, as it will actually be a DOUBLES tournament. 2 man teams competing in a game to be announced at the venue. Details below:

When: Saturday, September 18th. Signups begin when I get there. Tournament starts at 5:00pm.

Where: The AfroDojo

What: 2 man team tournament

Entree Fee: $2 per team

Prizes: Winning team takes all

Rules: Double Elim Bracket. Set lengths TBA with the game. No warmups. No instructions. No casuals (if I see you playing on the setup when it’s not your turn, you automatically lose the next match).

Lets just play Tech Romancer every time. I think errrbody can dig that baby!

I like this Idea!! However it really doesnt matter what the mystery game is…Duncan will not be dethroned!

(to anyone about to bring up deadliest warrior I was clearly sandbagging)

I’m hoping to see some 3d Mortal Kombat or One Piece Grand Battle Rush, but I think I can get hype over any random game. This will be awesome! <:

Listen to this man.

flowchart apaches.

First order of business, can I make a request that some mystery games be shooters (point based or who can last the longest). Like Contra, 2 players, first person who dies loses =D or Gradius 3!!!

Second order of business, Duncan…you are going to get destroyed my friend. I will show you the true power of random!


Yes I would love to see more than just fighting games on the fight card.

WHat system are we runnin this one on? DC? PS2? XBLA?

jojos bizarre adventure / samurai showdown 5 / killer instinct / fighting vipers

As I said, the games will be competitive head to head. This means 2 people playing against each other at the same time. Anything goes beyond that.

I will also not be accepting ANY suggestions from ANYONE, so post up requests or games if you want, but I will ignore them. Wouldn’t make much sense for me to take recommendations from the participants in a tournament where the participants aren’t supposed to know what they’re playing. :razzy: No one is going to know ANY of the final games (or even the genre of the game) until I announce what it is.

I won’t tell you what systems the games are on, but know that anything goes. I will try to make sure that we have sticks for all the games (where appropriate).

I edited the rules section. Grand finals is 10/19. That is not a typo. You will see why (if you make it that far).

I’m down - I’m gonna be there anyways for TWs.

Mike, you’re so legit.

Bbbbbumped for visibility. This is still going down this Saturday. Even if you aren’t participating in Twars playoffs, you should come out, as a good time will be had by all (and you can also support Twars, I guess :rolleyes:).

I’m pretty hyped for this. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

After much thought (and a game change), grand finals are back to 3/5. I’ve also picked up the prizes for the tournament. They’re awesome :cool:

  • go mike.

Just like I rule at random select in street fighter, I rule at random select in video games.

Will my years of tireless training in Saturday Night Slam Masters finally prove it’s worth?!

Thanks to everyone for coming out last night. We actually got a full 32 man bracket. For the most part I think it went well. I’ll probably do smaller mystery game tournaments in the future (1 game all the way through). I have a couple of games that I think would be fun. Maybe at next weeks dojo tournament? A big one like this takes time to organize, so I don’t know when the next time I’ll do one like this is. More setups are a must. Results are as follows:

  1. Tanaka “That’s hot”
  2. Duncan “Mash A”
  3. Trace “This is gross”
  4. Dustin
  5. Elias
  6. Connor
  7. Mikhail
  8. Cole

MHC presents Mega Mystery Game Tournament - Saturday, August 14th at the Dojo

What was the complete list of games?