Mhinty's Artwork Shop!


Hey everyone i’m looking to save up a bit of money for a plane ticket so i’m going to be offering affordable artworks for your fightsticks~!

1.I only do Anime and Video Game characters that is final.
2.I will not incorporate more then 2 characters in one artwork, my style is simple and clean so I do not like clutter. Though it does depend on the characters wanted so feel free to send me a pm if you’re curious.
3.Please wait as I do have a life in person and things to tend to being school work, tournies, mods, and so forth. No artwork will take longer then 1-2 days depending on if im really familiar with the characters it will be done within 2-3 hours.
4.I will change your art as many times as I see fit once we agree upon the images, but i will not do a full new template if you suddenly change your mind on the idea’s.
5.You must provide me with the images you want I will not go around searching for you.

15$ for 1
25$ for 2


-Finished Artworks-


If you have any further questions feel free to send me a PM

Thank you have a wonderful day. ^ ^!


I think I might take one of these slots pretty soon. :tup:

I’m looking for something that might provide one or both of these pictures though, so let me know if you feel confident in your image extracting.

Image 1


Image 2



I like your work MhintTea…keep it up :slight_smile:


did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes i replied~


Image extracting is easy bizz ^ ^ just let me know which one you want~


Looking for a Progear No Arashi themed piece for my TE, any help with this would be great.


Sorry was out of town! ill have your order complete tonight ^ ^!


Here’s a picture of a finished product~ (Yeah, I’ll use my imagination do make it look somewhat better…)



Thanks!! glad you like it, turned out amazing =)


Hey Mhint did you get my message?


Hey man! i didn’t mind sending it to me again?


Will do


I need three pieces done, two fighter sticks and one 720 degrees stick. I’m gonna PM you some art for the 720 piece and bounce some ideas off of you to see if it is doable. Sound like some thing you would be willing to do?


Sure just send me a pm~ and we’ll further discuss it ^ ^!


Hey Mhint! You did a piece for me a while back, and you had me sold man. Im looking to become a repeat customer! And i might have a challenge in store lol.

You down?


wow very talented. i wish you were around when i was thinking of an artwork for my sticks. keep up the good work!
free bump


Sure just let me know!~


Thank you ^^! feel free to request anytime!!


Hey Mhinty, I hit a little snag with my request so I’ll be sending you a PM soon to see if we can work something else out. :tup: Maybe you have some better ideas than I do.