Mhinty's SoCal StickMods


Hello everyone of SRK, my name is Tremayne (Truh-Main) but I go by Mhinty and i recently got into joystick modifications. Like most joystick users my purchasing a stick was under the random impulse that my skills in fighting games would improve. However after it arrived and I began to play GGXAC, I got exposed even more than before by my roommate. But for some reason my love for this type of controller grew, I wanted to know how it worked, and why it worked so I began researching on everything I could find about them. And months later here I am now with a new passion for not only strictly playing fighters using Joysticks, (dont get me wrong pad players are pro too) but also wanting to make my own and to have my creations distributed between collectors and players alike.

-Services Offered-
1 more slots for free mods including a artwork change,a paint job, or any re wiring, Also some pictures of Toshinu’s SE I painted below.

-What I will do-

**Painting:**Glossy finishes of any Color on Plastic based Sticks. As well as customized design styles done on the outside, Stripes, Polka Dots, Etc.
**Joystick changes:**Spring swapping and install of newer ones, Restrictor gate changing.
**Button Changes:**Snap ins to Screw ins, Vice versa, also mismatching plunger colors, Installing QDC’s.
**Art changes:**Will create artwork to your liking for your stick if need be or any artwork you have. I will order it for you and install myself.
**PCB Changes:**Wire Changing, De-soldering wires or any connections, Or soldering in new ones. If you have the parts and don’t know anyone thats good at soldering and would like a PCB Change from PS3, to XBOX360 or vice versa, im capable of doing so. Will not attempt dual modding atm.

Im most comfortable with Sanwa Parts will do Seimitsu as well.


-Contact Info-
If you guys have any questions or would like something thats not mentioned on this list, feel free to text me at.
Cell Text Only:661-210-3722
or shoot me a message on here Thank You.


Im not gonna lie, Im intrigued with those 3 free requests for stick mods you’re throwing out there haha… Where are you located in So Cal? I might have an empty gutted SE shell that you could pimp out (paintjob and artwork?) if you need to work on something for some props… Let me know if you’d be interested =)


^ ^ Id love too im located in Lancaster, California just whatever you have throw my way :D! Though would you prefer if i payed for the artwork just the cost to get it printed from whoever, or you? im mainly doing this to gain props and to get some more experience so not so sure. Either way is fine ~.^


But I was going to throw my Wood Case at you.
Then read you only paint plastic for now. :sad:

In the trash the QCF Gaming it goes!


Well paint for wood is a bit more expensive heh ^ ^, I can work with wood if you provide the paint costs! though it’d be my first so if that’s cool just throw me a hardly used wooden case or something to experiment with >.> cough lol! though i do give 110% so it will be a guranteed good job =O!


What if I have a wooden case that is already painted and I want to change? I want to change the red stripe on my Qanba Q3.


I bought it because I had money.
It is not even used.


Sounds easily doable, is there a certain color you want? and will you provide the paints ^ ^? Or rather the cost of the paints haha!


LOL, so pro! well let me you know, tinker with ittt ;D come awnn!! ill do good! haha


Well, that would probably be the hard part. I would want a color that comes as close to the Qanba logo, and the Home, Start, Back, etc labels.
You can kinda see how the Turbo label is like a silver color in one of the pics here:
So I would want it as close to a silver or chrome type of color. Of course I will provide the costs for paint, considering its not to outrageous, which it may be due to the color. Even then, I probably would fork over the money. That is the last thing I need to finish this stick.


Oh oh! i re read you just want the stripe changed! :smiley: of course that’s easy peasy! ^ ^


For realz!! That’s awesome. Oh, and there is a little plastic door that holds the cord in, that would need to be painted as well. And I don’t know if you could fix it, but I chipped a piece of paint of removing the bottom panel. I can send pics tmrw. No big deal if you can’t. But if you say its possible, I’m on board and I am willing to pay for whatever is necessary. If you have good painting skills, I think you will be getting a lot of requests as not too many people offer that service(unless someone does and I am not aware of it). Would love to see some more examples of your work.


Kinda confused to your question (lol srry) but ya, you could print the artwork from where ever… as long as it looked nice haha… but ya, i’d love to have a Hatsune Miku theme go on this empty shell… You could even go crazy on the paint design and artwork, I just want to be “wowed” haha…

But ya, juss hit me up an lemme know how you want to do this… Oh btw im located in the IE :slight_smile:


Sure I always give 110% and I shall send you updated pictures as I work! and if I take to long and feel that the work wont be able to be completed soon I will wrap up what im doing and keep your stick looking as perfect as possible and send it right on back! just send me a pm for the details and address and paypal! be sure look up the exact kind of paints so I can go out and get it, make sure that if the red stripe is Oil based the new paint has to be as well and same if its Latex based. ^ ^


Oh wow! sounds fun I was thinking a light blue case! just send me the Hatsune pictures you want though for the artwork because its a bit more expensive then the paint id have to ask if you’d be able to provide the cost for the art yourself? After I create a satisfying image though the painting job is all on me ^ ^! If your on board send me a PM on here~ and ill give you the address details and etc.


Sounds, good. I’ll start looking up what I need. I am looking forward to this.


Sure, sounds good with me… i’ll look and see what pics i got and start a convo with ya d(:slight_smile: )


Ditto! Thanks again for choosing Mhinty’s Works ^ ^!


What a coincidence. Me too!


Sorry about that! forum logged me out, ^ ^ sounds awesome! Thanks again for choosing Mhinty’s Works! :smiley: