Mhinty's Template Thread


Hello everyone just as the title says here you can request artwork from me for your fightsticks, send me the images in a pm you would like and ill be doing a certain amount a week. ^ ^

-Rules/Will do-
-No rushing me for the art, I try to give 110% so when you submit your work be prepared to wait atleast 3 days tops.
-Will redo your artwork as many times as I see fit, give specific details as to avoid me coming up with something you won’t like.
-My style is more of anime-esque type Im not to good at comic book styles or anything like that so take that into consideration please. Though I will work with comic book characters if you’d like an Anime styled approach to it.
-Keep the thread clean please no arguing and things about images and no stealing images, because i will post the finished versions here for examples, ask me first or the one that requested the image if its okay to use for your stick.
-Also if you check out my other thread in my sig, I’m doing stick mods for cheap prices so be sure to check it out~


**-My works so far- **


Thank you~

Also pay a visit to soothsayers artwork thread! Makes some pro shit =)


Hey i like your work! Do you think you could create something for me?


Sure ^ ^ just send me a pm of the images and details of what you’d like


stick art,
im going for a cotton candy kinda of theme, pink and blue color scheme
i want pics of ringo from air gear to be the main focus is guess (i dont have any decent pics of her though)
its gonna be on a mad catz chun te

my only request is that once you find some pics of her, im bad at locating good artwork to be used on sticks that we go over it a bit before you get started


Sounds good~ ill start on it as soon as i get the ok~ from my other request ^ ^


Thanks, great work MhintTea


:smiley: no problem! sorry for the uber late reply lol got a few more examples up as well ^ ^ feel free to commision me for more artworks all~


MhintTea’s artwork on my arcade stick. He works really quickly and listens to your inputs on changes. Highly recommended!


:smiley: man it looks amazing! glad I was able to create something for you if you have anymore ya need let me know :D!


Hello there Mint! =) actually I know I had said something about FFXIII but I’d rather not since I can’t find any real good images, or atleast some that could work I would much rather get a Legend of zelda one if it’s not too much of a bother, thing is I don’t know how to pm you, sorry for the noobness xD thnx in advance


Sure replied to your pm~ putting you up now ^ ^


Woot awesome!!, thnx for answering to me Mhint!! =D <333


Hey Mint I was wondering if you can help me with an art, I have a chun li stick and wanna change the chun li art, I want a Trish/Amaterasu design dunno what overall color would be best though, can you help me with that?


Hey, I saw you were taking requests, and was hoping you might be able to help me out with a Haggar theme for my madcatz brawl stick. Thanks.


hey mhint tea, can i pay u to do 1 for me? also wanted to ask where do u get urs printed out, as i live in tasmania/australia and there isnt anywhere around my location that can do it.

EDIT: actually ill give the whole creativity thing a try, spend a couple days fiddlin around see what i come up with, so far its lookin real good :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure just send me a pm! :smiley:


Sure just send me a pm~!


Dammit, trying to access my inbox, but it keeps saying error, send me the details Mhinty as in how to ssend you my FS =D


Oh! your going to send your full fightstick right?~


EDIT: PM is working again. Thank you!