Mi Ranbats Season 4 - Garden City, MI - Biweekly

Update #6
The next tournament will be Sunday the 15h. This will be the last Season 4 ranbat, and will be followed by Michigan Masters 3. Blazblue CS will be replacing HDR at this last ranbat, so get ready!

Update #5
The next Ranbat is this Sunday, July 25th, at Gameyard! We will hopefully have a casual setup for the new BB, but no tournament just yet (we gotta wait till everyone has had a chance to play the game.) I’m going to be out of town so Grego will be running this Ranbat. Due to the all the complicated bullshit I have to do to seed according to rankings, he might now want to do that, so the seeding will probably be a little looser than usual, but it’s no big deal. MM3 is coming up (thread coming soon), so keep checking back!

Update #4
The next Ranking Battle will be held this Sunday, July 11th, at Digital Ops in Ann Arbor (location section is updated in the thread.)

The reason for this is that Ops has a new big HD screen, as well as 8 new lagless (as far as I can tell from playing on them for a few hours) HD monitors.

We will be streaming the EVO finals on the big screen. There is a nice large area for everyone to crowd around, and hopefully cheer on some Michiganders in the top 8! Also, with the new improved set up I just want to see what you guys think about having some events here in the future.

As always, we need SSF4 copies.

Also, I apologize for the delayed update to the rankings. It’s a combination of me being busy with other stuff, being lazy, and now my laptop breaking. I will have them updated before this Sunday.

Update #3
We’re going to take a week off tournaments due to July 4th. We’ll have an event the weekend afterwards for sure. Keep checking the thread for updates.

Update #2
I’m adding an additional tournament to the schedule. Get Your Game On, a store in Ann Arbor, has been asking me about holding something there so we’re going to have a mini-ranbat on Sunday, the 13th of June (a little under 2 weeks from now). This tournament will only feature Super SF4 singles. No teams, no hdr this time. We’re just seeing if people like the venue, and how well it goes. Hopefully it’ll draw in some new people from around A2 as well. Directions to GYGO are available here: www.getyourgameonline.com. The street parking in the area is free on Sunday. It’ll start at 2:00 as usual, but will end early due to it being singles only. All other rules and what-not are the same. If you can bring a set up PM me. Thanks!

HDR has been officially added as the 3rd game for this season of ranking battles. If you’re an HDR fan this is your chance to prove that the game has a place in the MI scene so don’t skip out on the tournaments!

Super is finally here! Some people have it already, the rest of us are getting it in another week. So it’s time to announce the first season of Michigan Super Ranbats!

Please vote in the above poll for which console you want to use, and which game you want as our 3rd event at each ranbat!

Michigan Ranbats Season 4
aka can we ever beat Wolfkrone?

Current Rankings
Perfect Legend 31
Alucard 26.5
Wolfkrone 22
AaronS 17.66666667
STD 9.342857143
Juicy Chicken 8.828571429
Octopus on Fire 7.844444444
Checkmate 7.75
Rusty 6.873015873
Ladymachine 6.2
King 5.5
Pachi 5.136752137
Shawn 5.136752137
Chat de Thunder 4.829059829
Deedog 4.829059829
Branton 4.829059829
Grego 3.515837104
White Lake Rage 3.444444444
Mike 3.142857143
Maniac Mike 2.534117647
Cullen 2.384615385
Mr U Suk 2.12
Holdy 1.823529412
Seon 1.823529412
Calvert 1.823529412
Crow 1.823529412
Hector 1.823529412
Funky 1.823529412
T3stikills 1.823529412
Q 1.692307692
Hollow 1.294117647
Markudea 1.294117647
Brandon 1.294117647
Greats 1.24
Ari 1.24
No Name 1.24
Kazoo 1.24
Madking 1.24
Milo 0.88

You can find directions at the Gameyard website

There is a huge parking lot right outside the lan center, so free parking is easy.

Digital Ops is located in downtown Ann Arbor. Specific directions are at www.digitalops.com.

The best parking is the structure on Washington Street. It’s $2 for a full day.

Tournament Dates
4.2 - June 6th
4.25 - June 13th (mini-ranbat at Get Your Game On in Ann Arbor)
4.3 - June 20th
4.4 - July 11th (at Digital Ops in Ann Arbor)
4.5 - July 25th (at Gameyard)

Super Street Fighter 4 - 2:00
Super SF4 teams - 5:00
Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix - 5:00

Rules and Money
Each game costs $5 to enter at each tournament. The $5 goes straight into the prize pool for that game. There is also a $3 venue fee at each tournament, that goes to the venue. On top of that, there is an additional $2 that goes into the prize pool for the next Michigan Masters Exhibition Tournament. You can get $5 waived if you bring a console/hard drive/ help run the tournament/ you are Wolfkrone (last season’s winner). Make sure to PM me about any of this. Don’t just assume you can get it waived.

That means entering one tournament costs $10, two tournaments costs $15, and all 3 will run you $20.

SSF4 Singles will be seeded according to ranking. The other tournaments will be seeded randomly.

Teams will either be 2v2 or 3v3 depending on the turnout. Winner stays to play the other team’s next player.

If 5 or less people enter a tournament, it will be round robin. If 6 or more enter it will be double elimination.

The prizes are split 70/20/10 if 7 or more players are in the tournament. If 6 or less are in the tournament, 2nd place gets their $5 back and first place gets the rest.

SSF4 will be 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games. If you win a game you have to keep your character for the next one, but the loser may counter pick.

No pausing and no button macros (3p and 3k style configs are allowed). No turbo.

Ranking Points
I’m gonna try a new ranking system of my own invention. It will award players who do well at large tournaments, and give less points to winners at tournaments with smaller turnouts. All players at a tournament will receive some number of ranking points, so you no longer have to be in the top 8 to see yourself on the leaderboard.
To find the number of points you will gain at a tournament, simply take the number of entrants at the tournament, and divide that number by your placing.
For example, if there are 20 players in a tournament 1st place will get 20 points (20/1), 2nd place will get 10 points (20/2), 3rd place will get 6.7 points (20/3), 4th gets 5 (20/4), etc.

The top players in the rankings will be seeded at every tournament. The top 6 at the end of the season get spots in the next Michigan Masters exhibition. The winner of the exhibition will get a large cash prize and $5 off every tournament in season 5.


Ranbat 4.1 Videos (Big thanks to Deedog for providing these)
Ranbat 4.2 Videos

so are the ranbats only at game yard now?

For the time being that’s the plan. I’m gonna be back in A2 for the summer so it’ll be difficult for me to get up to EL, and not very many people play there anyways.

If there are going to be ranbats anywhere else they would most likely be in Grand Rapids, but that depends how much interest there is in having multiple locations.

Gameyard is a great venue though, and it’s much easier to hold tournaments there than any other location I’ve run them at, so there’s definitely a big incentive to just keep having them there.

I vote for 360, and for HDR. That gets the most entries out of the 3 IMO, T6 is kind of dead, and 3s is just retired here in MI, sadly. And I agree, Game Yard is the best place to have 'em. Great venue, and there’s several spots in the immediate area to grab something to eat. :slight_smile: Win/Win IMO.

As for “Can We Ever Beat Wolfkrone”? Yeah, it’ll happen. I should be able to put in a LOT more time into SF this summer, so we’ll see if I can show all y’all what’s up. :wink:

Yeah, I’ll have a lot more practice time as well; I’m 100% up traveling for casuals over the summer too so we need to have more casual gatherings.

lmao that juri has some slick tricks man…trial 24 ftw

Siiiick. We’ll see if we can get you over my house for some casuals if you’d be up for it. We’ll grab some pizzas or something. lol.

I do not actually own a PS3 so I will be spending this summer Super-less unless i buy one, so no, I wont be able to beat Wolfkrone

Wait, so if I vote PS3 third strike… do we get to play third strike on ps3 magically?

Nah, that means SSF4 on PS3, and we’ll get a ps2 in there for 3s.

No more $5 dollar tourneys. Force people to level up.

Ok, well I vote that

Nobody is gonna level up if they don’t want to pay to come.

When we were doing $10 the max turnout was 15.

The tournament didn’t run all day either.

The more matches the better I think. It’s more practice.

Id have to agree. Id rather the community grow. The ten dollar entry is just to much to ask from some people.

I understand about traveling for casuals. I want to get my skillz up. For those that have not seen my setup at my place, here is the video.


I have a PS3, a Wii, 2 360(one is broke right now), and many other system.

V neck!

hm, just can’t seem to find a game in that list to vote for…

Exactly. Once we get a steady amount of people coming we could see about raising the entry fee then, but new people aren’t gonna wanna throw down $10.