Miami/FT lauderdale FL- Biweekly RANBAT Season 2 @ Zero Ping LAN center: 5/08/09

Aight guys it’s back. since season 1 was such a success with just the regular ZP folks and a few out of towners. i thought me and ben might as well make it more official.

we’re gonna be doing a biweekly Ranbat tournament every other friday. the off fridays will be dedicated to casuals and constructive criticism on ppls game. just gotta bring $3 for the casual fridays.

Zero Ping LAN Center
5450 S State Road 7
Davie, FL 33314-6442, US

it’s right across the street from the hard rock cafe lucky street parking lot. so you can always get your gambling on after playing.

if your having trouble finding the place you can call either me or ben.
jeff: 954-243-5535
benski: 305-898-6431

having a very large minority demographic you know nothing gets started on time; so I’ll say casuals/sign ups starts at 7:00 pm.


the tourney will start at 8:00 pm - 8:30pm.
just post or call if your going to be late.

**rules ** (up for debate)
top 8 each Ranbat will receive ranking points accordingly.
1st - 15 points
2nd - 12 points
3rd - 10 points
4th - 8 points
5th - 7 points
6th - 5 points
7th - 3 points
8th - 2 point
everything under gets 1 point

basic tournament rules will be 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches loser and winners finals will be 3/5 matches.

$5 entrance fee and $5 for the tourney.

pot distribution:
1st place : 70%
2nd place: 20%
3rd place: 10%

here are the season 1 results for anyone interested. the 2 on 2 kinda screwed up the rankings, but all in all i think it was a success.
season 1 Results
1: dnyc3 : 27
1: vigilante08:27
2: andrew: 26
3: ssj2jeff: 24
4: Big-5: 23
5: dreadz: 17
5: hyperblast: 17
6: richel 15
7: dark hokage: 13
8: ice0berg(chad) 12
8: Casey 12
9: JO: 11
10: chris p: 9
11: sergio: 8
11: nelson 8
12: lilman: 7
13: Steven 6
14: tony: 4
14: benski: 4
14: Druid 4
14: jedi burrito 4
15: ZP mark: 3
15: junior: 3
15: czizzle: 3
16: chase:2
16: mike: 2
16: maverick: 2
16: chris redfield: 2
16: sljj james: 2
17: heidern98: 1
17: richard:1
17: jimmy: 1
17: john: 1
17: phill(bcc): 1
17: pyrotron: 1
17: alex g: 1
17: sighrax: 1
17: phil: 1
17: jesus: 1
17: matt: 1
17: fox: 1
17: bayfar: 1
17: chop sui: 1
17: art: 1
17: keyblade master: 1
17: albert: 1
17: John: 1
17: pete: 1
17: ghetto mark: 1
17: twelve: 1
17: blitzbeat: 1
18: Flash Metroid: 0 :chat:

top 8 will be recorded every Ranbat.

here are the videos from the previous event. these channels will have our later matches as well with some better quality vids.

hopefully we’ll be able to hype these up with big money matches and what not at the end of each tourney. need to let ppl know what south flo is all about.

Beat a Roseball pro
this is a simple little side event. for a dollar; beat darkhokage in 3/5 rounds 1 star handicap game of roseball and win $10

the money raised will go towards vaughns narcolepsy medication :rofl:


OK, I have the Easycap setup now. So the quality of the video after it is uploaded to youtube is 90% better IMO.

[media=youtube]ARTkQvjdFDA[/media] i swear even though the game says it was a good connection…online play just has way too much input lag.


I can if you want have my phone recording audio from the crowd during the matches…puts more drama into the match.

I will also be recording TOP 8 of the RanBat matches

I will be accepting jobs to record players matches for a small fee, just as long as it is not during the top 8.
For 5$ you get
*All your matches recorded in w/e encoding/file type you need it in
*Put onto a CD
*Uploaded to Youtube / Myspace (ive only uploaded to youtube, dont know what filetypes Myspace and others like thier videos in)

If you are interested in this service…please post up or let me know via PM

I plan on going to Zero ping weekend of the 8th, 15th, and 22nd this month. I had a blast 2 weeks ago and REALLY need the offline comp.

dats my brother’s bday weekend so i dont kno if ill show//stay that long. unless shit starts earlier

I like how you put me on the list just to put a 0 because ive never been ther elol

^^ u back yet nig? i wanna see some viper xclusive.

Come To ZP, Home of the offline ragequiters.

I’m interested will give you a call…

Hey ssj, I am the Gen player you played with yesterday. I plan on heading out there tomorrow, Friday. Around 7-8 pm.

cool, i’ll be out there and a bunch of other peops should be there as well.

friggity bump, casuals tonight ranbat next friday be there.

videos that were recorded are being uploaded atm…

still bummed about my stick…wont get it fixed till monday

and even more bummed about my skateboard that was left at ZP since last friday :lame::lame::lame::lame::lame:

Hey guys. I’ll be comin in for the first time this Friday. And my Abel’s comin with me.

Hey peeps, I’ll probably be going this friday.
See you all there :lp::lp::l::lk::hp::wgrin:

cool, see you on friday

anyone going out tonight? ill be there after 10pm (when i get off work) I think ben and jeff should be at zp tonight also?

ill be bringing the almost working “home depot special” tonight, hopefully ill get those issues worked out tonight.

lets get it

GET HYPE ! GET HYPE ! 2 scoobs!!