Miami Kof Thread

jus thought id make a thread for the kof players in the miami area or around it, being that some peoples dont feel the game in the other miami rooms and have a titty attack anytime someone mentions it id figure this would be the spot to talk in about it in peace and perhaps set up some games for those that are down, those of u that know me know that im alwayz looking for some comp in kof so if there are any serious gamers jus post up…anywayzzz let the posting begin…:clap:

you forgot to make a list of who can’t post because now for sure peter is gonna troll the fuck out of this. :lol:

Yo…nice thread…lol you do realize that you 2 can use the phone since it is only you 2 LMAO!!!


HAHAHAHAHAHA! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

what’s next? a virtual bowling thread? i bet you it’ll have more people posting.

yo peter, let’s start a monopoly for nintendo nes thread. the thimble is broken. roll cancel the free parking into jab, jab, park place.

Yo jab, jab, parkplace is over rated son

its all about short, short, roundhouse, free parking

or better yet why dont ya jus start a thread called "lets hate on games i cant play"
lol u guys r assholes as usual i expected BOTH of yous to start talking shit, but whatevaz ya entitled to ya opinion. ill jus leave it at 2 things…1 u think its an easy broken game bla bla bla then its simple both of ya got a week to learn it and play me and see if ya get past 3 wins :wink: ofcourse with some money on the side :stuck_out_tongue: and 2…all that shit talk about A3 and all the jokes on vega and now the biggest shit talker is actually learning to play it, lol, madd hypocritical but yeah nobody gonna tell u nothing cuz who knows why, i think in the end its jus to each his own. so u guys got ur thread to bash on kof and all related snk games so do that there, theres no need to talk shit here when ya got a place to do it at
well im dunno the reason u made a 180 on A3 and rumble fish but its a good thing ur opening ur mind to other games, so i aint gonna hate on that…anywayz u bums get off my shit >=-]

never. stop playing crap. and burn me a copy of kof so i can rape you.

Billy is gonna act a fool when I come down there again HAHAHA!!!

yo d, don’t forget to email me the pics i took on your camera. i need to get the listings on ebay soon.


lol D…dont make me go back and beat you in the game that I “cant” play

We all know that I could play that if I wanted too shit and ill put money on it that if andreas teaches me for 1 week Ill beast on you like no tommorow

What the fuck, does Miami play Kof now

D u know im down. Ill play i never got to show u my 2k2 team. Kim, Billy, O. Yashiro. Billy is broken. fwd + A for the win.

who the fuck plays king of fags 2002?

oh that’s right, people who don’t like good games.

98 please. and XI. XI looks good.

aight lilman im down to play wheneva, jus give me a call…i wanna see that 2k2 team u been talking about…anybody else wanna get in on the action jus holla :-]

btw im dead ass serious about that money, both of ya can get help from coach babycakes but in the end one week will do ya noooooo good

umm, Im not a huge fan of the KOF games, but ill play anyway. I have a decent Iori and Terry.

i’m actually confident peter will wreck you in kof in a week. i’m actually pretty confident peter will wreck me in a week.

Nice. So who’s gonna play XI?

And who’s gonna show me some whack ass MAX combos so I can actually compete?

aight then lets do this…a week from this friday we will have the match, andres ill take ur money on the side as i WILL take ozzy and peters money…best to 10 and it will take a miracle if they get to 3, lol, so yeah peter ur gonna have more practice time being that ur out there in NY where people DO play kof so hopefully u will learn something cuz im looking to play u by the next day of ur arrival, any problems with that then that would jus be an excuse, bets off, and ur gay :-], now ozzy u got till next friday to learn from “the greatest kof player” coach babycakes. so u 3 fags are so sure ya combined can beat me then put the money on the wood cuz the talking is done >=-]

ozzie hasn’t agreed, and i doubt he will. peter will want to take your money, though, so i’m okay with that.

Actually from what ive people dont play kof that much here so over here wont be that much practice

What game are we gonna play in? id prefer 2k1 but ill play anyone

when you lose to me I dont ever wanna here you talk about kof and how i cant play it