"miami local challenge tournament" 05/02-03/09


This tournament is intended for the residents of the Miami area but anyone is more than welcome to come.

**Location:**16360 SW 92nd Ct, Fl 33157.


Tournament Fee: $5 singles, $10 teams(3).

**Time and Date:**5:00 May 2-3, 2009 (Sign ups are an hour in advance) Updated Tournament Dates

**May 2:**Singles

**May 3:**Teams

General Tournament Format and Rules

-DO NOT BE LATE. We cannot accept entries for a tournament after it has already begun. We’ll start accepting entries 1 hour before the tournament is scheduled to begin.
-If you are not present for a tournament match within 3 minutes of being called, you are disqualified.
-If you behave in a manner that threatens the safety of other players, you will be removed without refund.
-We will not be providing any equipment so BYOC
-If you are caught stealing sticks or other equipment, you will be banned for life and called out publicly or worse.
-Rounds are best 3/5
-Sets will be best 2/3
-Double Elimination with a winners and losers bracket
-Pausing the game will get you a GAME LOSS
-The winner of a match must retain his/her character/team in the following match.
-Players are responsible for configuring their inputs before beginning a match/set. If reconfiguration at the beginning of Round 1 is necessary, the players will reset to the select screen and pick the same characters.
-Pot distribution will be 1st 65%, 2nd 15%, 3rd 10%.
-There will be casual matches held before and after the Tournament with the games provided (HD-Remix, CvS2, Third Strike, SF4 and more)
-Bring food or beverages for yourself because they will not be provided unless noted otherwise



Steve Adkins (786)282-4743 :nono:

Freddy Hooker (786)219-6781 :bluu:

Daniel Salazar (305)586-0199 :smokin:

Text if necessary*


Steve- Reddarts@tmail.com

Freddy- Shakaax628@tmail.com

Danny- Dsalazar25@hotmail.com


Steve- forg0ttensore

Freddy- Shakaax628

Danny- Anbunin082587


so winner gets 70% huh? is the other 30% crack money?


LOL nice catch.

Anyways. not to knock your hustle but There’s already a tournament on the 25th:



Updated the tourney dates, thanks D’Nyc3.

And as for the remaining 30% pot, we gotta eat too :rofl:


You know I’m down


im getting the gang ready


You guys are also welcome to come anytime. We are usually there every night playing casually and just having fun. We’ll be there tonight as well. Hoping to see some more ps3 players. Anytime after 5 on weekdays is fine to come. And anytime after 1 on weekends is good.


You gotta eat too? Thats why you pocket a dollar or something from the entry not 30% you fucking thief. learn to play and maybe u can win ur own tourny money


For real, I think they sold you some bad green that you’re smoking

You’re doing a tournament in your house, charging people freaking $10, and you want to keep 30% of everything so you can buy more weed. :looney:

On top of that you say we can just show up at your house and play? let me weigh my options, go to the house, and play for free, or, go to the house, and pay for your rent?? hmmmm, that’s a tough one


you two clowns-fuck off


its a fucking tourney douche bags…shits rough out there so you gotta eat.


Which is why the below post exists.

Taking 30% of the money “because you gotta eat” is fucking highway robbery.


Look people, there is only one charge at the door this will be our first tournament like this. We are doing it like this because not only do we want competition we want to make enough money to be able to throw a better tournament for the next time. This is a trial and error if you dont like the sound of it then you just aren’t confident enough to come out here and try your luck. So far we already have about 20 locals that have agreed to come out with no problem. So the money is good for the first place winner, yes we get 30% but that 30% is going towards future projects and events that will probably satisfy the Miami region of the SRK community. Who else in miami is throwing a PS3 tournament that’s going to bring good competition? The comment we gotta eat was just something to make you guys laugh(don’t get complicated Axor). And as for Zerog weigh your options very well, come and play at the house for free like you would at home or come to the tournament test your skills and maybe win some money after finding some good competition. We are not trying to scam anyone on the contrary we are trying to do the SRK community a favor.


a Mar 2009 sign up wants to help by pocketing 30%. aww

PM me when u want to buy dat greeeeeeeen from robbing that 30% cuuuuhhhh


before I say anything… is this at someones house or is it at a hall?


i dont see why there is such hostility towards me? i havent been disrespectful in a ny way. talk shit all u guys want. close the thread if you must. w/e. the offer still stands to come and play if you guys want anytime. just call me or the others if anything. peace. oh and sorry i just joined the forums and wanted to do something. i shouldve joined years ago i guess. like i said call if u wanna chill or got something to say.


Common man, think about it, it’s the first tournament you’re ever trying to run, nobody knows you, it’s at your house, nobody knows who’s going to go or if they’re any good. And your rules are that nobody except first place is getting money, and you want to keep 30% of everyone’s money for yourself for “future” plans. Money that not even the biggest tournaments in all of FL keep to themselves, but you want everyone to just give you money for no reason? That doesn’t sound the least bit wrong to you??


Not only that but if you have to scam people because “you gotta eat” then you should be trying to find a job than running tournaments.




aight-the tourneys been changed-will post new rules tomorrow