Miami Mayhem quick results

Heres a very very very quick results of the tournament today.
1st- Alex Navarro
2nd- Alex Walbert
3rd- Alex Jebailey

1st- Ozzie Delisle
2nd- Joel Figueroa
3rd- Alex Walbert

1st- Dwayne Schultz
2nd- Andrew M.
3rd- Alex Navarro

1st- Alex Garvin
2nd- Alex Navarro
3rd- Jose Venturo

Full results and highlights to come later. Thanks for everyone that came out to the tourney.

well, heh i jus registered in the forums, i’m Jose Venturo BTW, as of right now i’m capturing and editing the GGXX semi-finals and on Match vids and the CvS2 final match vids.

It’s awesome to be an Alex lol. Great tourney, took a while due to one machine for CvS2. But had fun, and Alex W. Thank you so much for the place to stay.

Also Monica says it was nice talking to you guys, and I loved my ride home lol.

No problem at all Alex, thanks to you, Rick, and Dwayne for coming from Orlando for the tourney, and anyone else I forgot to mention from out of town. I’m gonna post the full results tomorrow cuz I’m like dead tired. I’m forever gonna ask the subway people to heat my cookies at 17 seconds :lol: too fuckin funny dude.

LOL, yeah tell her the same, she was really nice. Soooo you had a nice ride home eh? :lol:

Yeah, nothing is better then leaving a SF tourney for a 4 hour drive with a beautiful girl, So even with 3rd place, I still was a winner :lol: .

Congrats to everyone that got top 3 in all the game. I wish I could’ve been there. Anway, hope you guys can make it to the may 23rd orlando tourney so I can play you guys.

May 23rd me shall try :slight_smile:

i had fun… most a played ggxx and sfa3 all day… good shit everybody…

Gainesville won XX, HAHAHAHHAHAHA. And alex, no offense, if u got 3rd in MvC2, thank God we didn’t drive down there, lol. Good job Ozzie. Did Tito enter?

Good showin’ there Alex G. Looks like that’s two in a row for you… tsk tsk tsk. That Dizzy needs to DIE! :stuck_out_tongue:

LoL Love those CvS2 results, Alex x3 = TOO POWEFUL! :lol:

Congrats to all of those who placed.

yo jose, it’s rey dude. congrats on getting 3rd place in ggxx. can’t wait to see that footage dude. hey alex, congrats to you for holding an awesome tournament man. the next miami mayhem i will for sure be entering more than just one game:lol: and hopefully, by then, they’ll have 3rd strike back and up n’ running:( :stuck_out_tongue:


Even though I did not enter, it was still fun to see everyone playing…I at least played casual play with people in cvs2 and I was able to practice a little in ggxx. It was good playing people in cvs2…playing them helped improve my strategy. For guilty gear xx even though i played that game on playstation, the arcade controls were a whole new experience, and i would like to give thanks to the potemkin player for the fun matches and to jeff for kicking my butt. If I get to practice maybe i’ll participate at the next cvs2 and ggxx tourney…the comp is just too fun. Also concrats to the winners of the tourneys and thanks to all who supported the fighting scene. It’s too bad people from gainesville did not come over…oh well maybe at the next tourney.

Good job to all who placed. Miami is awesome!


P.S. Alex N. plays SC2 and GGXX very well!

Alex W. plays MvC2 very well!

They are too powerful in CvS2. That goes without saying.

ummmmm how is it that we will be able to see those matches…I don’t know were to download them…I really want to see those matches cause i left early, and concrats on placing high.

don’t worry, if all goes well, i’ll be able to have my friend’s server to temporarily upload them, i’m still editing, just that work gets in the way and stuff, i just got home, so i’m beat.

I wouldn’t mind facing Alex N. on SC2.

who was the guy playin SFA3 bustin 58 hit combos with akuma from one side or the screen to the other…?
or is that normal?.. i havnt really seen alot of people play like that…

oh and good games who ever you are… i was tall black guy that played gen all basic and shit…

Hey what’s up. Great fuckin tournament. I had crazy fun. Good job top 3 on GGX2. I guess I need more practice or something. I wish flippers’ wasn’t so far from where I live, that place is cool. If anyone’s going next Saturday, I’ll try to make it. Props to shinma-sama for saying wassup, I didn’t move from the ggxx machine forawhile. The low tier matches at marvel were tight. Thanks to Jeff for having the tournament, and being mad cool. We gotta start playing bro on the weekends or something, my venom is only gonna get better. (hopefully lol) props to ozzie for winning marvel, we gotta play also ozzie, train me? lol. The fighting community as a whole was cool as fuck. see you at the next one, peace.

Props to moi for taping all that shit. When is this going up in Apex?