Miami Ranbat 8/15/09

I’d like to first thank everyone for coming out. I think it was a big success. In total we had 18 people come out. I hope we can keep that up and bring more people.

**SF4 results: **

18 people entered

1 Manny aka Hyperblast (Gief) 8 Points
2 Jo Grey (Rog) 7 Points
3 Arcenio aka Pyrotron83 (Bison) 6 Points
4 Evelio (Chun) 4 Points
5 Carlos (Rufus) aka Juniorv376 3 Points
5 Lexy (Ryu) 1 Point
7 Richeal aka ZeroG (Sagat) 1 Point
7 Cris C. (Fuerte) 1 Point

Side Tournament


8 people entered

1 Alex Navarro aka Miami X - Alex (King, Vice, Nakoruru)
2 Andrew aka G1itch (King, Yuri, Blanka, EX Benimaru)
3 Arcenio aka Pyrotron83
4 Mario aka ShinGouki00
5 Albert
5 Carlos aka Juniorv376 aka I don’t know my own name
7 Manny
7 Wilmer

Was a Fun tourny… nice and simple and I was on point today =D

Had a good time. Definitely looking forward to more of these tourneys.

My apologies for not coming to this when I said I would. If you’ll take excuses, I woke up at 4.

congrats to you guys i was there for most of the event missed the finals ( had to go to work) me and servio are gonna start going during weekdays to FR maybe tuesdays or wednesdays cause during the weekend we work all the time and have little time to play so if you guys are down to set some matches during those days i’d be very happy since im soooooo rustyyyyyyyy lol but seriously good shit yesterday to everyone who attended andrews event at FR!!

lol 4 ratio 1 andrew is still a slut

LMAO, Man who the fuck calls me Carlos at SF gatherings. lol

Good shit was mad fun. Can’t wait for the future of these ranbats.

And Wilmy, I go during the week often. Post on the forums whe you can go and Ill reply if I am going, or call me.

I’m sad I didn’t make it to the ranbats, I’ll be there next week.

It was fun Andrew good shit. Looking forward to the next one. 1 little tip though, when you announce the fights, especially when there are side tourneys, make sure you name the game. Not trying to be picky or anything, just a little tip.

Word of advise to everyone, jumping lp owns in CvS1 :xeye:

Wow Andrew is running shit now? Good stuff.


-Eric V

Whats up Eric V?? Hows everything in VA? still playing? You gota come back down to Miami. Nelson was asking about you the other day. Nelson and Angel own an arcade now.