Miami SRKers Come :D

Hopefully we have some Floridians here to give me some useful advice. I’m a college student in Phoenix Arizona looking to relocate to Miami once I graduate. What I see on the internet is fantastic: incredible, and I mean incredible ocean access, great weather, crazy lightning storms(HUGE plus for me), and overall a nice active group of people.

I don’t really like Phoenix because we’re being overrun by illegal Mexican immigrants, climate sucks(DEADLY hot summers, boring weather patterns), and desert really isn’t my thing.

So you Floridians(hopefully Miami locals), is there anything you think I should know about Miami? I still have about two years of college to complete so I’m getting my research in. I know these two years will fly by fast, and I’m excited to start my life.

Clear sunny days 90% of the time is boring climate? If you think the heat in Pheonix is too much you’re going to hate Miami even more. It’s just as hot year round, same clime changes, with the chance of earth shattering hurricanes and it’s humid as hell. There’s tons of illigals there to. Have you really put much thought into this move?

I enjoy a good heavy thunderstorm once and a while. Phoenix gets like two a year…max

Yea I know I’m from Tucson.

I’ve put some effort into the thought of moving to Miami. Remember that I still have two years of school to complete, so my mind can change in those two years. For years I’ve had the thought of living in a city like Miami, but now since I’m close to graduating college I’m starting to put forth more effort in researching what Miami has to offer.

My dream home, or place to live would be a Miami setting. Living in a modern high rise condo overlooking the ocean, sitting outside on my balcony sipping my coffee in the morning before I set off for work. :slight_smile:

Well just know Miami shares a lot in common with Arizona as a whole.

Wiki says the average high for summer in Miami is about 80 degrees…which sounds perfect. Arizona’s average for summer is 105. There’s a bit of a difference there O_o

The cost of living for both cities are about equal so they share that similarity. But I’d love for you to elaborate on what you mean when you say both Arizona and Miami share a lot in common.

Moved away from south florida due to my pops job relocating him here in charlotte, to be honest the most things i miss the most is the beach, the food and the women… mostly the women.

This thread is incomplete without Geo.

iHog summons Geo.

Oh and the South Beach women…yeah…that’s another reason :tup:

Isn’t Miami expensive? Florida in general is mostly beachfront and parties and upper-tier women (if you stay away from the backwoods country spots). There’s also Tampa, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Pensacola to consider if Miami’s too much to handle financially.

That “80” degrees is with humidity. It fucking SUCKS. I lived in Miami for a year and I hated the entire year. People don’t know how to drive, when I went to bars I don’t think I ever left without at least spending 50 bucs on drinks and people are rude as shit. Good place to party, horrible place to live.

They have a nice street fighter community though :]

Beachfront Miami is expensive, such as South Beach. The inner cities of Miami aren’t that expensive, but you wont have that beach front view or access.

People have no clue how to drive down here either :stuck_out_tongue: Luckily I’m not a bar patron or partier, so I don’t have to worry about that added expense.

Good street fighter community is a plus :slight_smile: I can definitely see myself playing Street Fighter two years from now, however that would be a dumb reason to solely move to Miami :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re not a partier or bar person then I have absolutely no idea why you’re moving to Miami. The average rent for most of my classmates was around 700 for the ok apartments and 1000+ for the nicer ones. Have you been to Miami? You’re in for a rude awakening if you’re not the night life kind of person or expect it to be anything like the movies. South Beach is nice. The rest… not so much.

Unfortunately I have no been to Miami. What I mean by my statement was I’m not the kind of person that would be going to the clubs every night. Maybe a couple times a month. I’d much rather ride my bike along the beach or lay out on the sand :slight_smile:

This. Don’t underestimate humidity. The 120 degrees in Phoenix sucks but at least it’s dry and you can use swamp coolers or a good breeze to cool down. No such luck in Miami. You just melt. Its horrible.

I’ve lived in Wisconsin for 8 years so I do understand humidity. Luckily in Miami you have the ocean to cool you down. Here in Phoenix(at least my house) we have to drive about 50 minutes to the nearest lake. Not a lot of people here have the luxury of a private swimming pool. Public pools here are dirty and packed :expressionless:

But I think, for me personally, having intense summer storms is worth the humidity.

Hey your call man. Personally I’ll take the dry AZ heat over the Miami swelter. That shit just fuckin sucks dick period.

Miami is expensive as fucking hell. If you got a nice job then this place is great for you. For the rest of us mortals, its a fucking bitch. Bars and clubs are expensive as fuck, housing is fucking terrible unless you go somewhere far as fuck like Homestead [nice housing but there is nothing out there] and you better speak Spanish because 90% of the population speaks it. It isn’t weird at all going to a place and they don’t speak a lick of English.

As for the Arizona and Miami being alike? I don’t see how a fucking desert can be hotter than a coastal area. I been too Las Vegas and that shit is TERRIBLE. I fucking go hide in a casino until night fall. Fuck that heat. Perhaps instead of Mexican immigrants we got Cuban immigrants I can agree on. But everything else is moot. Florida has been parrying hurricanes for a while now knocks on wood so to base it on hurricanes where you have PLENTY of time to move your shit/prepare as opposed to Earthquakes/Tornadoes where its basically the Earth saying “HEY GUYZ! THOUGHT I SHOULD ADD SOME EXCITEMENT TO YOUR LIFE FOR THE LOLZ.”

If you got the money [and have free time to ENJOY the beach] to buy beachfront property then by all means go for it. Most people would just settle buying something in the city and just driving there unless you are banking.

I’m going to school right now majoring in accounting, so I’ll have a nice paying job. I’m not going to be rich by any means, but I’ll (hopefully) be making a nice salary for myself.

And yeah, I don’t know how people can compare a desert to a tropical coastal area, other than they’re both hot o_o