Miami Thread - We were [ ] close to getting AE but then I woke up =(

So to start off the new thread FRESH!!! I am working on a couple things that I actually think are pretty cool and might inspire some of you bums to take this shit more seriously but until then keep being scrubs and pretending you care! lol

Should start doing get togethers at my crib.

would of = would have*

goodshit on reaching a new level of gay keep that shit up


this thread title is just not necessary

also you can’t have the word “niggas” in a thread title either

Damn a new thread!!! Congrats!! lol

damn you niggas getting AE yet?

Cakes should be Tony Montana man. Run that shit. And get us an AE machine :lol:

say hello to my little friend

mashes uppercut

If they did, I might have to take a lil trip to the M-I-LELLO.

I’ll be passing by FR today. You going to pass by today Peter? I need to speak to you about the league.


Umm I might be going I am not sure

So yea, I should be posting that tourney today guys after I get back from FR

So any Chance at FR getting an AE cabinet? If anything we could all fork in some cash to see how far that takes us?

support the scene!

Yeah you all can fork in some cash and leave the AE cab at my crib.

Or not w can just keep playing super outdated fighter IV

That cabinet’s a lot more expensive than you think

We were [] this close

edit: this should be the thread title lol

the cabinet is what… 25-30k? Then the kit should be about half. Around 15-18k? Not even get the kit? :frowning: Throw that bitch in the KI cabinet, fuck it :lol: