Miami Thread - We were [ ] close to getting AE but then I woke up =(


Ok for those that have called the hotel to reserve the normal double bed rooms under the FR17 group rate $93(normally $120) and there are sold out so let me see if I can get some more rooms added! I TOLD Y’ALL THEY WOULD START GOING FAST! Give me some time and i’ll call the hotel tomorrow morning to try and get more hotel rooms open for the FR17 group. If I can get more rooms added to the group you better reserve them when you can! We are probably going to book the whole hotel full of FR17 peeps! Also be advised that all rooms under the FR group rate will receive free wifi throughout your stay at FR17!

“As of right now only rooms available online for the FR discounted rate are the following:”

1 king bed = $93 per night- normally $119
2 double bed executive floor= $119 per night- normally $150
1 king bed executive floor= $113 per night- normally $150
1 king junior suite= $133 per night-normally $245 ask Tray “Iceman” because this is what they tried to charge him per night without the FR group rate!"

If I can gets some more rooms make sure you grab them at

There’s only 18 days until online registration is closed so you need to get that badge asap to save $10 on your badges. Register online for FINAL ROUND XVII and save $10 off the badge. Go to to sign up for the games/badges so we can make pools well in advance.


I’m kind of amazed this thread is still alive.


It wasn’t.


Aye im in downtown/brickell area, does anyone know of an arcade that isnt 30 miles away which has some decent fighters?


No such thing exists. Your best bet is Arcade Odyssey in Kendall.


There’s already an arcade in Miami that people go to on Tuesdays and occasionally on the weekends for tournaments. For the cost of playing there for the entire day ($5) and getting full access to the ~7+ setups + CvS2, it’s probably worth more to get together there instead.

Also, Miami Shores is far as fuck from most everyone except maybe some of the Broward cats.

In summary: you should come out to the stuff we have going on already instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. And get a roommate. :slight_smile:


Oh yes I’m familar with all that. Just thought for the north miami ppl could go here. Idk. I gave up already lol. I’ve been to final round and that’s far for ppl in my area. But I do know it’s better to do something with Facebook as these local threads on srk are dead… Rip…


Do they have an active FGC I could jump into? I’m looking to jump in like a rookie.


Don’t be shy folks. Tell me what you guys would like to see.


Hello FGC,

I’m planning a Godlike tournament in Miami for the Spring of 2015. It would payout approximately $7,000 for USF4 and $4000 for Smash Bros. Wii U. This would be payed out to the Top 16 in each game. I’d like to gauge the FGC’s interest before I commit to this endeavor.

I want to make this happen! Give me some feedback, i.e. numbers that I should expect, entry fee for the event, corporate sponsors, venues, after party locations, etc. Miami is amazing! Let me know what would take this to a new level.

Thank you,
Frank Fernandez


Hey ppl! I’ve had the idea of making a arcade and gaming area from my home. I’ve got a couple of cabs and tv setups and wanted to see if ppl were interested in coming over (for a cost of course but cheap!) and certain day(s) out of the week come over n play. I’ve got old school shit, new shit. whatever from super turbo, CvS2 to SF4. Even project justice! basically I don’t want a roommate and rather do this instead. it’d be in the miami shores area. anyone?


You should post this in the South Florida Fighting Game Community group on Facebook (link:, you will get a lot more responses there. Miami has a pretty active community but no one posts on SRK anymore.

I would definitely go a tournament like this.


Wow, a 4 year old miami thread… Thats how u know the scene is dead. They used to force us to make new threads every month lol. Hope you are all having a blessed life since our last sesh. The weed in the PNW is fire


sorry for elena healing this thread but anyone in miami looking for candy cabs? I’m selling minez


This thread seems dead but I’ll post anyway,

Anyone looking to carpool up to Final Round? If I can find a group I would have no issue renting a car and splitting the cost in gas to drive up. If not I’m just going to fly. I’m in the Boca area btw.

Also SFV tourney in Hollywood the Saturday of release if anyone is interested.


Holy shit people still post in here >.>

Come find us on Facebook yo. We’ve been there exclusively for years~


This place use to be popping all the time. Now it’s like a wasteland. :confused:

But the Facekbook works better IMO, been working well so far.




Thinking about coming down to Florida, thinking about Miami. What’s the FGC / Smash scene down in FL?


Good luck with the hurricane