Miami Thread - We were [ ] close to getting AE but then I woke up =(

So I don’t know if anyone is aware of this, but there’s a new arcade opening up on 120th ST and SW 117ave. My friend spoke to the owner and apparently it’s supposed to be very “Japanese” themed. They have a Guilty Gear Accent Core cabinet, AE cabinets (blast city but head to head), and other Sega sit down cabs. If you’re into dance games, they have a Pump it Up NX2 FX cabinet that they’re supposed to upgrade to Fiesta EX.

I’ll let you guys know as more stuff is I learn more. I’ll definitely be hitting this up a shitload just for Pump it Up. So if you guys want some games (pay per game!!!), I’ll probably be heading there when it opens.

Yea, keep us updated. Sounds real nice

I went in there today, they were still setting up. I can confirm 100% the AE Cabinets, a couple Japanese shooters (everything is on blast cities head to head). PIU, Dance Maniax 2, that 6 player X-Men game and some Plasma’s on the wall. I talked to two people, one was some construction guy and then another guy which was in a suit and was heading out as soon as they let me in. They said they’re aiming to open soon, maybe next week. They apparently have a 100mb line for the place and want to focus on streaming? I did a quick look up on the guy and saw that he owns some IT company so I’m assuming he knows what he’s talking about at least.

KOF bitches

That is all

I would expect you the last person to push pay for game lol thanks for the heads up though.

I’m all for paying per game. Fuck this pay 3$ to play for 8 hours and eat shit for 7 1/2 hours bullshit that everyone is used to.

Pay to play me,get raped, wait the fucking line salty as hell. That’s what arcades are about, maybe that way people will take the game seriously ;D

Anyways, apparently getting 2012 on arcade is lame as hell so I don’t expect this place to get more than those 2 cabs anyways. so whatever lol.

I literally live 1 block away from that place. Are we talking about “Arcade Odyssey” or whatever it’s called? I saw that sign a couple of weeks ago. Last time I checked, the windows were all boarded up. Do you know if they are going to have set ups to play console games like UMVC3 on there? That would be dope. I live too far to play at zero ping.

Final Round Arcade at the mall of the Americas… jesus

Ten people for kof this friday not a bad turnout.

Can we get a notification next time. thanks!!! hopefully poeple continue to play.

Look up south florida primtime group on fb and ask for an invite they also played saturday.And I am thinking about posting to go to the new place since they were still fixing up the place last weekend. Next time I will see if I can post on srk but the group in the best way.Also how do you guys feel about ran bats for 2012, Ultimate,or KOF at FR. It seems really hard to level up without a purpose.

If they are going to be ranbats for KOF it will finally give me a reason to show up at FR.

ae is a dollar and not 2012

ggac but no cvs2 or mahvel :[

virtual on~!

oh and a bunch of obscure jp shmups

needs more iidx

Games at my house today, text me for address dawggggggg. 786.439.9437
Bring $5 bucks, depending on the day we might have a small BBQ and some beer.

This is very interesting. Does anybody wanna get on this?

2012 is not happening in any arcade. It’s unrealistic unless they want to get rid of the game for almost 2 months. I mean, not even California has it. They also have KoF13, Melty Blood AA, and even more in his warehouse.

Me and Peter spoke to him for like 4 hours and made some progress on him getting Evo monitors maybe. It’s at a maybe right now. The place has potential to be really cool. Problem is that the guy is a collector and his choice of games aren’t really what people want to play now a days.

You think he would be willing to sell some cabs?

I’m not sure/don’t think so. That guy is a purest/collector to the extreme. I tried talking to him about modding some cabinets and stuff and he went on about having everything 100% original etcetcetc.

Wow. By any chance, Do you think you can make a video walk-through next time you go?

Or you can just go when you have time?