Miami Thread - We were [ ] close to getting AE but then I woke up =(

I was just asking him. If not, no worries.

Laziest, grossest, and most ridiculous thing I’ve read in a while. Next time you go to McDonald’s can you write a 3 page paper why I should pick the big Mac over the whopper?

lol!!! sorry :slight_smile: I was in a rush.

I know it’s kinda early to ask but is anyone driving up to CEO next month. I don’t mind throwing in a decent amount of $$$ for gas.

I’m trying to get the days off for that so if anyone is looking for rides in the Miami area hollaaaaa

Facebook page for Arcade Odyssey. Make sure to like the page. He definitely does read forums but the owner said to post on the facebook page with any feedback/concerns whatever you might have.

There was a couple people there today which was surprising but pretty cool. He confirmed to having CvS 1 and 2, Marvel 2 and other fighters. He says he’s going to swap out one of the games there and put CvS2 in it’s place. I’m guessing that’s the most popular one, right? If anything, post up.

Oh yeah, he definitely ordered 6 Evo monitors and wants to run tournaments and stuff there. Mario was there today so hopefully he can get something popping. Monitors are supposed to get there around first week of January.

For all the weeaboos out there. He was setting up the Pocky, Ramune and Panda cookies when I was leaving, so make sure to check it out.

Post post post! This place really does have a good chance in being great. He spent a lot of money so he’s going to need your support.


Wow Arcade Odyssey looks really nice! I wish I lived closer… I’m going to try make it there. What are the games on the blast’s. I see sf4, Guilty Gear? This place is looking really legit! I hope to god this place does great.

Yo, this is DancingFighterG. Hello Miami scene, the SuperCon 2K Series of the National Video Game Association (NVGA) will be hosting the game room for the MegaCon Sci-Fi convention in February. We would love your support in attending this game room and showing what Florida gaming is about. Check out the thread here: [Feb 17, 2012] SuperCon 2K Series - MegaCon Sci-Fi Convention Game Room (Orlando, FL)

A group for Miami/Broward Locals to talk shit/meet up for casuals.
Thought it would be a better idea since hardly anyone gets on SRK anymore.

I didn’t know Arcade Odyssey was open, I drive by it almost everyday. I was thinking of dropping by FR, never been on tuesdays or thursdays due to school but I am out for the break. Anything I should know? I play UMvC3 mostly and KOF13.

Yeah, they’ve been opening up at 2 this week. Hopefully Arcade Odyssey gets there Evo monitors soon.

Went to the arcade today. Definitely the place I want to go to for playing games. Atmosphere is great. Too bad the cab is AE. And I understand if he (the owner) doesn’t ever get 2012. But without 2012 I don’t see the cabs getting much action. I love that he has kof and melty blood and even gg but… there’s only like 3 people that play each game and gg has maybe 5. Even if CvS2 or cvs1 is put in to replace something else, who’s going to play that? And why would anyone play mvc2? I’m just saying this with respect to these games being cab. Not many of us are going to pay to play the old games. We (on the forums) aren’t the type to suddenly play cvs2 or mvc2 all night. I guess it will at least be a better place to go when they start to throw tournaments. The fact that it looks clean and has cabs that weren’t made in someone’s back yard is a definite plus. And I’m extremely happy he doesn’t want to mod cabs.

Oh shit they got melty.

I am sure if people show he will update SF4 but I don’t even play that game. Having KOF13 is big shit for me. Like anything else if we go a support it, maybe things will get some improvements.

Southtown arcade has it and its in Cali. If its legit it shouldn’t be an issue.

I guess we are paying 3$ to play for 8 hours and eat shit for 7 1/2 hours bullshit that everyone is used to lol.

Here we go smart post the old games are only going to play games on free play.I would love to get the update of melty,2012 on cab, I would love to get into CVS 2.I dont care that the game is dated,GG also.I am going to play a game maybe me and cousin only play which is virtual on and the obsure shooters games.But the people most responsible for the success or lack there of is the scene itself. A scene and doesnt show to its own tournaments. A scene that stops playing games after a month or two and disappears. Or people to show up to the place of business and say hey lets play at my friends house instead of here.Does this scene deserve a place to play much less three? No then South Florida definitely doesn’t.Dont just show for a couple of weeks a new game comes out and then nothing.What places like ZP,FR and Arcade Odyssey need is your CONTINUED support.

I don’t think you should be posting without knowing exactly what’s going on. Everyone knows about the one arcade that has it. You know no other arcade in California has it right? There’s like an arcade every exit and no one has it. The only other place to be getting it soon is Round 1, and that’s next month. Also go figure, they’re a Japanese owned company.

The only reason me and Peter pushed for those Evo monitors is because getting 2012 is not a viable option on arcades unfortunately. I put a dollar in that machine any time I see anyone play, but let’s get serious. No one else excluding randoms and one or two of us would pay to play an “outdated” game.

Hi everyone. Just had a question for the community. I am going to be helping FR to get some monthly tournaments going again. We will be posting up info on them in the next couple days. What are some the things you guys would like to see at FR?

It’s a very broad question but any suggestions would be appreciated.

Most of you guys know Angel and Nelson. You guys know that SF is in their heart and they created FR from a run down fun o rama because of that love for SF. We want to do as much as is in our power to have all of you guys there on a regular basis and ensure that FR is a permanent staple in the so.FL street fighter community.


Albert… I didn’t understand your post at all. But if you are arguing that we are all going to drop 50 cents on mvc2 all night or any old game, I think you’re mistaken. I like the old games but there aren’t enough of us that are willing to pay to play them.

Yo, ill be playing virtual on and mushihimesama all day everyday!

why pay to play a game i can play at home? the sf4 cab and kof13 cab will just be there catching dust :frowning:

Is the melty cab updated to 1.07?