Miami Thread - We were [ ] close to getting AE but then I woke up =(

Because playing at home blows unless you’re anti social or hate competition.

Yeah I had alot of jumbled thoughts just threw everything out there.My arguement was even though I would. I accept the fact that not a lot of people would.Something else I see is when a new game comes out we get one big tourney them everyone disappears because they figured out capcom did not install an instant win button two months later.

A. That’s how you build a community and level up.
B. Until everyone has FIOS online will still be ass.Comcast is still ass
Even so if everyone has FIOS ,IT DOES NOT MATTER until teleportation devices are built nothing beats playing the person next to you.

and A. AGAIN I am not inviting people in my home to fuck up the feng shui of my decor.

An update from the owner. This place is going to be amazing.

I’m not saying home/online > arcade. I refuse to play online ever.

what i meant to imply was that really, outside of us who post on here. who is going to be paying for an outdated game? I mean i dropped quite a few bucks into arcade 13, i have no problem. but the majority will not and the majority will also not want to go somewhere to play outdated games. that is the unfortunate truth.

I think someone hosting and changing the host weekly is our only way to build a community atm.Rather unfortunate that many people would not want to host.

I usually host and have about 8-12 peeps at my house. unfortunately its the holidays and i have tons of family crashing here so my house won’t be open for the next month or so.

Cleaning is a fucking bitch, but you know what. its worth. especially when you have sessions that go from 5-5. <3 community

Few comments i have about the arcade. I WILL WASTE ALL MY MONEY ON MUSHIHIME ALONE all day erday. i easily blew 20 or so bucks on it already on my 1st trip there last wed.
My only gripe is that for a business using tokens it doesn’t have deals like x amount of $ give you x tokens. If i can get 100 tokens for $20 instead of 80 tokens. i would gladly feed the machine my bills.

Lets hope it does become the place when they setup the asus monitors. the guy seemed really excited for it all. and iw ould love to play mushihime as i finish getting my ass handed to me

I already spoke to him about bonuses for big bills, don’t worry.

so is the arcade gonna become a new place for gatherings? anyone going tonight? is there 2012 yet?

nvm, apparently it is closed today. so zero ping then?

Yeah, that’s the plan. The place wasn’t open today because he was setting up the table that he’s going to use for the Evo monitors. Rick went out of his way to get a table and 6 ASUS VH236H which are the Evo standard and is going to dedicate a section of his arcade just for fighting game setups. The pricing will be separate from his 3D TV’s setup and he is already planning on hosting tournaments at 10/10 when it becomes a bit more stable.

Obviously this is a very early picture of the original setup but it’s just going to give you an idea of what to expect. He’s going to mount 5 Evo Monitors behind where the sticks would go and could have a 6th setup if needed where the Trophy Winning game is. We spoke very breifly about streaming and he says it’s not out of the question.

Obviously, bandwidth is not a problem here so we can expect some HD streaming when this place takes off. You can’t see it from my pictures but he has two 50 inch TVs mounted on top of where the table is going to be and he says he can setup an HDMI splitter from one of the monitors (probably the streaming setup) so other people in the arcade can see what’s going on. Shit, he even has like 4 TE sticks, Hori Sticks, and SE sticks that people can rent in the case that they don’t have their own.

Did I mention two bathrooms, a freezing water fountain, and 3 A/C’s keeping the place at like 69 degrees. Is there really a reason to play anywhere else? He’s going to be open from 1-9pm tomorrow, so if you see him around be sure to talk to him and let him know what you think. Monitors should be arriving sometime this week and hopefully we can get some stuff going on in here.

Julio, does this guy pay you for all this? Lol

Nah. I just like the place and they got a couple games I like so I want to see it succeed. I spent a lot of time talking with Rick (the owner) and he has amazing plans for the place, he just needs it to do good obviously since he spent so much time and money on the place already. I’m just trying to help out. I’m going to the place alone just for Pump it Up since that’s my favorite game and there isn’t a decent machine for that anywhere in FL. I just brought up the idea of the Evo monitors and casual setups since I know it has a big following and he’s going to need some movement in there on his slower days.

Its a pretty cool place, my brother and I would like to show up and play some UMVC3 when those monitors come in and get acquainted with the fighting game players.

Is he running everything on 360s or on PS3s?

He’s got both PS3’s and 360’s. Also sticks for both systems as well. Monitors came in today. Posting my phone @ work so I can’t up a pic yet.

I finally went and it was cool, no one was there except one guy that came in to play one of the classic game cabs. I went in played a couple rounds of KOFXIII which was cool.

Final Round Arcade will be hosting monthly tournaments starting Saturday, Jan 14. The games will be SSF4 AE2012 and UMVC3 singles.

[INDENT=1]2 out of 3 double elimination tournament. Match winner must keep same character (ultra may be changed). Loser may switch character and ultra. Losers finals and grand finals will be 3 out of 5 matches.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]2 out of 3 double elimination tournament. Match winner must keep the same team and order. Loser may switch team. Losers and grand finals will be 3 out of 5.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]All sign-ups will begin at 4pm. SSF4AE2012 will begin at 5pm. UMVC3 will begin at 7pm.[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]$10 for AE2012[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]$10 for UMVC3[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]All pots will be split 60/30/10.[/INDENT]
2012 is going to have an exciting tournament season and we want to help the south FL scene stay as sharp as possible. Whether your an FR regular or not, come out and test yourselves against some of the top players in FL. Tournament will be streamed by Final Round Arcade. Starting in March SFvT will be thrown into the mix. As always, your comments and suggestions are appreciated.


anyone going to the new arcade today? i dont mind checking it out, but obviously it would be more fun if there are more people there

I work all day today but I’ll definitely be there tomorrow on my day off. I’ll see if I can bring Job (Flocker) with me if you guys wanna get some Marvel games going.

so i would be down for gaming today, arcade, wherev.

Finally off today we in there

I’ll pass by today around 4:30.

They’re gonna be doing 6-close for 5$. Bring your sticks. I’ll try and get it setup by then.

Anyone going to the arcade today?