Miami's HIVE tournament Results

For third strike:

First place: Doug [Everdred] using Remy
Second place: Daher [Daher1234] using Yun and Ken
Third place: Richel [zerog] using Urien
Fourth place: Nathan [silvergear] using Q and ScrubLi
Fifth place: Troy [chippdamage] using Alex and Elena perhaps someone else also, and Matt [acesmith5] using Makoto and Hugo
Sixth place: Ryan [sleipnir] using Oro and Makoto
Seventh place: Iceman (sorry don’t remember your name) using Yun and Richard (doug’s little brother) using Akuma and Ryu

CvS2 got cancelled

Marvel vs Capcom 2:
First place: Alex Garvin
Second place: Ozzy Black

Guilty Gear XX:
First place: not sure his name
Second place: Alex Garvin
Third place: Peter

Money Matches:
Richel (zerog) using Urien -vs- Nathan (silvergear)using Q in 3S for $10 went to Nathan.

Not sure on specifics for MvC2 or GGXX or the corresponding money matches for those games

Good games to all, tournament ended up being pretty good.
StunGun Headbutt is top tier, along with Remy’s Ultimate Combo.

I’m sure Peter will be around to post specifics for the other games.

damn you placed lower then troyboy, you must still suck.

not to say he sucks, cuz hes cool.

hahaha its late

Marvel I didnt place 3rd I didnt even enter


CvS2 canceled becuase nobody was there for the game except 4 people and 2 of them wouldnt enter with only 4 so yeah

Side Notes

Troy owns Ryan:)
Nathan is a sickass( trying to hit on my 7 year old sister:eek: :lol: )
Team XX money match Miami takes it
I won all my money matches
Alex lost one of his money matches

Im never throwing a tourney agian becuase of all the idiots who say they are coming and never do

People like them is the reason FL isnt as good as it could be fucking idiots

This is the worst results page I’ve ever seen.

Who won ggxx?

Fucking 80% that said they’ll come didn’t show up.

My best fighting game got cancel, but other than that GOOD TIMES!:slight_smile:

But im making that the last time im driving 1 and a half hour again.:bluu: But funny part is that on our way back we passed through this HUGE speed bumps!!:eek:

Sorry, couldn’t make it. Had other stuff to do and couldn’t drive down to Miami. I’ll try to make it next time if you do have it. And who won ggxx??? cya.

you have no idea how pissed I am that I wasn’t able to make it

I had everything rdy, TV, PS2, although javier had my stick…

tip to anybody that is reading this…if someone ever offers you a RIDE to any place, make sure they FOLLOW up on what they say so that fiascos like this don’t happen!:mad:

2peice took the tourney but his shit talking ass wont win anything ever agian count on it

This is 2pc.,bout time your crybaby ass let people know. 2pc from o-town took ggxx tourney. Alex got second got second,and your weak ass got third. lovell…We laugh at your scarry ass! Good game Alex! oh, an flash, practice…cause yo sorry ass never beat me,an you never will! lol So bring it o-town ani’t never scared! Big up to our g-ville homies!

Hold that shyt OTOWN 2piece, bigups to Flash also.

fun tourny

badass finals vs daher

all u ppl got a whole lot better

hope to see u guys during winter break or next summer

keep the tournies happening/fun and the players that care will show up, u wouldnt want ppl who didnt give a fuck showing up anyways. talk is kinda cheap on srk dont stop making great events because of what lies ppl type on a internet message board.

i thought flash was #1 in america? you must be lying foo, flash would never brag about being the best if he lost in a local tournament!

btw, what charry you use?

who does 2piece use in xx?


2peice keep talking that trash well see whats up when we take Otowns money AGIAN in Otown july 4th

You take losses sometimes playing competitively, it just sucks that you talk so much shit flash.

now you have to eat it.

Mike I barely even post these days so I dont see how I talk shit and if your talking about way back then a few months back people just gotta get over it


sure pete

Im serious go search around:) im clean:lol:

Wish I can say the same about your mom’s crabs.