Mic fags

So, who here has had a great laugh when you throw some guy and they start SCREAMING about it over a mic? bloodyredrum(somegay#here) does it constantly. Thing is, he had a decent ken, but can’t take throws worth a piss. Its also HILARIOUS when you hear it.

Some guys in a room made by D-Money also were talking up the trash, and getting way pissed about throws. Oh, and they complain about turtling. So, because I like to play Vega a bit more calm and not be a jumping idiot against AA characters, I get to hear non-stop whining. Oh, and I’m a garbage player even though I catch up 2-2 and barely lose with a smidgeon of health on both parties lifebar. Funny stuff and the way some people’s logic works is really something to behold sometimes.

I played some dude who sounded like he was making dinner at the same time as playing. Also played people who yell when I’ve thrown them

I had this one game where I could hear the guy’s TV, which had our game of course. The audio was about 3 seconds behind, so it was a little annoying and made me wonder about how bad the lag probably was.

vega is my main. sucks that hes low tier… but there are people out there who wont play me if im vega… so meh… i guess…

i actually used to have a friend who would throw his controller at the wall when i would throw (which was totally random and happened because i attempted to punch) i mean hey, it was his controller, so what ever… i guess

i mean yea we established a rule for no throws… but it came out randomly… is that really my fault?

I think that’s normal. To a spectator, the match can be further behind the real time proceedings than the voice channel. Many times, I’ve been able to hear the match audio through the voice channel and know what was going to happen as I was spectating.


People should read this >.<

And learn how to tech throws.

:wtf: People should also read this:

Since you didn’t cuss and since the word “faggot” aren’t clearly stated in the rules, I’ll just give you a verbal warning not to do it again Moonchilde. This threads looks like it’ll just cause a bunch of boohooing and could easily fit in the bad games thread with all the other boohooing. So as usual…

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