Mic not working after modding my stick. Help?


So I modded my TE stick about a month ago. I didn’t use my headset that often (it was the crappy one that came with my 360 elite bundle), so when I decided to play with a few friends on XBL after modding the stick and the mic on my headset didn’t seem to work, I figured it just crapped out, since I’ve had the headset for ~8 months, and it seemed pretty cheap. I saw a deal for mini earpieces that I believe are meant for cellphones, but have the same 2.5mm jack, and they were really cheap, so I figured I’d take a dive and give them a shot. It was a pack of 3 of the same product, and all 3 of them give me the same results as my old headset: I can hear voice through the earpiece, but the mic will not transmit any sound.

So the conclusion I’ve come to is that I must have made some mistake while modding my stick.

Before I just start going through to trail-and-error this until it works, is there by chance any sort of diagram of a TE PCB with things like mic connections labeled?