Mic problem with a dual-modded stick


Right now I’m using a PS3 HRAP3 that has a padhacked 4716 Madcatz Xbox 360 PCB inside. I was wanting to use the microphone jack that’s on the PCB, so I went out and bought a regular wired 360 headset. Whenever I used it, it seemed I had to shout to be heard, and it had to be extremely close to my mouth (practically giving me a lip massage).

I tested out the headset with a regular wireless 360 controller, and it had no issues with my own volume. I have looked for this problem elsewhere but couldn’t find anyone who had encountered it. I profess no expertise in this area, but my first guess was an issue with not having enough power to pre-amp, or something like that… anyone out there able to help?


I hope someone sees this and can help me out, only gonna do this once… otherwise, I will have to drop $50 on a wireless headset to be able to talk :confused:


Did you used any kind of extension cord on your Mad catz mic port?


Nope, it was plugged in directly.