Michigan "Back In Da Mix" Results Part II

Today’s feature at Wizzards Arcade was 3rd Strike, and a little something different in CvS2, entitled the Grudge Match Series. Basically, if you have a beef with another gamer, call him/her out in CvS2 in best 3 out of 5 (or whatever format chosen) and bring your ‘A’ game come tournament day. Winner receives $$$, Michigan entitlements (best Michigan Title, best N-Groove Player Title, etc), and good old fashioned trash talk, which Michigan is known for.

First and foremost, here are the 3rd Strike Results:

1st Place
Keshawn C.
"Tournament Known Killa"
Ken SA3

2nd Place
Julian C.
“Snake” aka "The Ghost"
Ken SA1

3rd Place
EJohnson III
"Judgment Day"
Alex SA3

Winners bracket finals feature TKK and Judgment Day. JDay loses the 3 out of 5 faceoff and plays Snake in the losers. JDay gets eliminated sending Snake to the finals shortly after a rough defeat in the winners by Wayne State University’s own Dorian. TKK defeats Snake, bringing the score to 3-1 and winning the 3rd Strike tourney. Thanks to all who attended, and congrats to Mario (Last Name N/A) who hasn’t been on the 3rd Strike scene in quite awhile, yet still came in 4th using Yun SA3, Alex SA 1+3, and Hugo SA 1+2. Great job :slight_smile:

Grudge Match: Matches were in the following order, with characters used and results posted.

George Massu v Cheese Master (3 out of 5)
Basic Grudge Match
Characters Used: Unknown
Winner: Cheese Master 3-0

Judgment Day (Vice, PsychoBison, 2Rugal) v Ubersaurus (Athena, Cammy, 2Honda)
(3 out of 5)
SGroove only Match
SGroove Title Defense (Current Holder = Ubersaurus)
Cash Prize to Winner
Winner: Ubersaurus 3-0

TKK (NGroove Sagat, 2Blanka, ChunLi/USABison/Ryu v Snake (CGroove Vega, Sagat, 2Yama) (5 out of 9)
Winner Plays Defending Champ, VDO
Winner: Snake 5-4

Snake (Same Team) v VDO (PGroove Raiden, Kyo, 2Joe) (5 out of 9)
Winner Declared CvS2 Michigan’s Best
Winner: ?!

VDO was winning 4-2, when Snake’s controls completely went out on him. Controls needed repair and will be serviced tomorrow, or as late as Tuesday.

Because of this, another Grudge Match may occur. I will keep the Michiganders in mind when the next tournament transpires or when the next Grudge takes place. You could be on the next fight card :slight_smile:

A good time was had by all, and congrats to all the winners. Until Next Time.

grudge matches are gay. u guys need to be peaceful, settle down and all root for Red Wings, who are down 0-2 =[