Michigan "Back In Da Mix" Tourney Results


Wizzards Arcade finally gets back in the swing of things and holds another tournament day; hosted by Massu. Here are the results:

The King of Fighters 2002
1st Place: Tim "D-Town"
Leona, Iori, Orochi Chris

2nd Place: Julian "Snake–Ghost"
Kusanagi, Yamazaki, K9999

3rd Place: Ernest

Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike
1st Place: Julian "Snake–Ghost"
Ken–SA 1

2nd Place: EJohnson "Judgment Day"
Alex–SA 3

3rd Place: John Carter
Chun Li–SA 1

Capcom v SNK 2
1st Place: Julian "Snake–Ghost"
CGroove: 1/Vega, 1/Sagat, 2/Yamazaki

2nd Place: Juan "VDO"
PGroove: 1/Raiden, 1/Kyo, 2/Joe
Alt Team PGroove: 1/Raiden, 1/Joe, 2/Geese

3rd Place: Chad "AVX"
AGroove: 1/Rolento, 1/Sakura, 2/USA Bison

Congrats also goes to Fly (KOF), AVX (3S), and EGB (CvS2) who rightfully earned 4th place positions. Hopefully this will be the start of many tournaments once again for Michigan to prep ourselves for the larger tournaments to come around the country. Until then.

–Judgment Day


I had alot of fun…highlights:
KOF in general. That tournament was pretty fun, and was long overdue, as well. Started quite early though.

CvS2 had its moments…particularly the opening match of me vs VDO where I almost got him…Athena level 1 super is too STRRRRONG.


KOF 2k2

Ahhhh…My 1st tournament I was brave enough to enter(KOF), fly destroyed me both times I fought him but I still had fun, oh well better luck next time.:o