Michigan Masters 2 - (Garden City, MI) - (04/10/10)


Welcome to the second Michigan Masters tournament!

Another Update
I reduced the pricing on some of the games. Check out the money section for more info.

It’s my pleasure to announce the 6 players that have qualified for the exhibition match through the rankings!

  1. Alucard
  2. Wolfkrone
  3. Thundercatz
  4. AaronS
  5. Perfect Legend
  6. A tie between STD and Octopus on Fire!

That means the round 1 matches we have so far are going to be:
AaronS vs. Perfect Legend
Thundercatz vs. STD/Octopus on Fire
Alucard and Wolfkrone will be matched against the players who qualify on the day.

We will have a tiebreaker round between STD and Octopus right before SF4 singles starts to determine who get’s the spot.

Michigan Masters is a Michigan regional tournament. This is not only the grand finale to our third season of ranking battles, but is also the qualifier for the Power Up 2010 main event! You want to be on the Michigan team? You gotta win here :slight_smile:

When and Where
Michigan Masters 2 is being held at The Game Yard in Garden City, Michigan, on April 10th, 2010. Parking is easy because Gameyard is right next to a huge parking lot.

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (ps2) - 12:00 Noon
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (360) - 12:00 Noon
Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix (360) - 12:00 Noon
SF4 3 on 3 - 12:00 Noon
Tekken 6 (360) - 1:00
Street Fighter 4 (360) - 2:00
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (wii) - 2:00
$1 Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots Tournament - 3:00
Capcom vs. SNK 2 (ps2) - 4:00

Tournament will start on time. Be there early or you might not get in.

Entry Fee and Prizes
There is a $5 base charge for all tournament participants. $2 from the base fee will go to the prize for the main event, and the other $3 goes to the venue. In addition to this each tournament has an entry fee ($10 for SF4 and T6, $5 for all other games), which goes straight to the prize pool for that tournament. Prizes will be split 70% to first, 20% to second, and 10% to third. If there are 6 or less entrants in an event, that event’s prizes will be split with money back to 2nd place, and the rest to 1st.

No button macros, no pausing, no turbo. For game specific questions, PM me.
Each tournament will be double elimination format. If 5 or less players are in a tournament it will be round robin instead.
SF4 will be seeded according to the Michigan Rankings. Players from the same town will be separated in all tournaments, so you won’t have to fight your friends right away. All tournaments will be 2/3 games. Winners, losers and grand finals will be 3/5. The final in the main event will be 4/7.

Main Event
The Michigan Masters 2 Main Event is a double elimination tournament featuring the top 8 players in the state. The first 6 spots in the main event are given out to the top players from the Michigan Ranbats, and the remaining two will go to the best placing players in the SF4 tournament at Michigan Masters 2. If the top players from the tournament have already qualified, the spots will be given to the top players who have not already qualified through their rankings. The player who places 1st will win all the money in the prize pool (gathered from the base fees I’ve been building up from the ranbats). This tournament will feature the best players in Michigan, so there should be some awesome matches.

But that’s not all. The top 5 players in the main event will qualify to represent Michigan at the 5 on 5 at Power Up 2010! This is a huge deal for us; It’s our opportunity to 100% prove that Michigan is the most powerful Street Fighter force in the midwest, so do your best to qualify and rep your state!

Gameyard is providing us with Xbox’s, but we need hard drives and memory cards with unlocked data. We also need a ps2 with CvS2 and 3rd Strike. If you can provide any of these please PM me and I"ll make sure to waive your base fee at the tournament.

GET HYPE, and I’ll see you there :slight_smile:


Top 5 in SF4 singles make the MI team for Power Up 2010, right?


Guess i have to do it there than, missing all the ranking battles is going to screw me lol!

Good luck to everyone


Prove it to everybody that you’ve been practicing, bro. :slight_smile:


Ill try lol, I need more tiger…

oh and aaron log onto the psn and accept my FR dangit. Need some of that rufus/akuma action.


Down for the count, one two three uppahcut.


Won’t be able to make it to this one. I’ll still be in Japan when this is going down.


Got it off work. Can help run stuff in the afternoon.


Hell yea. I fucking WILD ABOUT THIS ONE!!! I hope we will have a Marvel tournament this time. I am going to continue to bring my Mahvel SnaxZ people.


Chips Ahoy? Bring some for me bro. :slight_smile:


Capcom, Capcom, Capcom, Capcom, Namco/Bandai, Capcom, Capcom, and Capcom? No offense, but why would I want to go to this tournament when there’s nothing but Capcom? No King of Fighters games, no Guilty Gear, no Melty Blood, nothing but Capcom and 1 non-Capcom game. Hell, I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade, but I’d like to play too and I don’t play SF4 cause I hate the game. Also, no offense to Capcom Vs SNK 2 but it’s not Capcom vs SNK 2, it’s Capcom vs Capcom and a few SNK characters 2. Most of the SNK characters are bottom besides maybe Rock Howard, Geese, Kyo and Iori. Also, most of the SNK characters that weren’t shotos but had some similarities got turned to pure shoto, like Ryo who stopped playing like Ryu in KOF. Instead of making him how he should be, they turned him into a pure Shoto when he originally wasn’t like that. Sorry for complaining, but I was hoping I’d find a Michigan tournament I could join and enjoy. I guess not though.


Well maybe you should have showed up when we used to run kof and guilty gear and blazblue. I’m sorry if I don’t want to bother with 3 man tournaments…

You’re welcome to run a side tournament and if the turnout picks back up than we’ll add them back as main events.\

Also, if you want people to listen to you maybe you should be a little less antagonistic.


I couldn’t last time due to personal reasons (sadly), however, 3’s cool. I’m not too good at the game though and would embarrass myself playing. Also, it’d be nice if I could try to run a “side tournament” maybe just play some casuals. As for the antagonistic thing, sorry if I come off as such, I’m a bit socially inept to be honest. Also, I’m just a tad bitter that nobody wants to do anything but play Capcom or Street Fighter as far as fighting games go. It seems like everything else is “stuck in the mud”, if you get what I mean.

By the way, do I have to pass any dangerous areas on the way? Detroit’s no joke and the cops are… Well, you know. "._.


It’s cool, it happens.
Just let me know what you’re running and at what time I’ll get a tv and put it in the OP. Make sure you know how to run a bracket before you come too :slight_smile:

It’s right in between Detroit and Ann Arbor so I guess it depends on what direction you’re coming from, although driving through Detroit in the middle of the day is not going to be that dangerous o.O
No need to be worried I don’t think.


It’ll be at the game yard, so yes, I agree. No need to be worried.

But yeah, hope to see you there, man. Would be cool to maybe get in some Blazblue casuals even though I’m ass now, lol.


Alright, sounds fun. My friend and I might head on over (Though it depends on whether my friend is busy or not but he says he really wants to go too, so chances are I’m coming). We’re going to probably bring some Gunflame and perhaps KOF11 to see if people would like that too. Also, we’re coming from Sterling Heights. I will try to learn how to make brackets. Gonna bring a little old school back.


I’m thoroughly shocked that this is being held at GameYard. I wasn’t planning on going.

Well then, I’m going playing FF13 and will be practicing up.


I’ll probably come out, gonna bring MBAA as usual but I’m not running a tourney unless there’s somehow 8+ ppl that wanna enter.


OOOOOOOOOOOOO SHIT!!! I’m in that mother fucking Rock ‘N’ Sock Em robot tournament. Fuck every other game. I’m buying that mofo right now.

Tier List

S Class
Blue Robot

Z Class
Everybody else.



Really happy it’s going to be in GY this time, I also like the incentive of representing Michigan. See everyone there !