Michigan Masters 4 - GYGO (Ann Arbor, Mi) - 3/5/11

Michigan Masters 4 is finally here! This will be the first large tournament in Michigan to feature Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and it will be held at the sweetest game shop in the world! If you come to one tournament in MI this year it should be this one. It will be sick :slight_smile:

Date, Time, and Location
Saturday, March 5th, 2011
Registration will begin at 12:00 noon, the tournaments will start at 1:00 PM.
MM4 will be at the local game store Get Your Game On.
709 Packard St. - Ann Arbor, Michigan - for directions
GYGO has a history of hosting some great events, for various games including Smash, Street Fighter, and tons of table top games, and it?s just a really cool venue over all.

Events and Pricing
All players must pay a $5 venue fee to participate in any part of the event. GYGO has graciously offered to waive the fee for anyone that makes a purchase of at least $5 at the store. I would suggest grabbing a drink and snack when you show up and your fee will be waived!
Main events ($10)
Super Street Fighter 4 (PS3), Blazblue CS(PS3), Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (PS3), Arcana Heart 3 (PS3)
Side events ($5)
SF2 HD Remix (PS3), Guilty Gear (ps2), Melty Blood (Ps2)
Michigan Masters Top 8 Exhibitions for SSF4 and BB CS will also be held at this event (free for qualifiers)

All main and side events will have their prize pools split between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place with a 70/20/10% distribution. The prize pools will be made up using all the entrance fees for that event. The only money that doesn?t go back to prizes is the venue fee (which goes to GYGO).
The special Exhibition event will have a prize pool, also split 70/20/10 to the top 3. This money was made up from 40% of the venue fee money at the Michigan Ranbat Season 5 tournaments.

Due to the large number of games, and a fairly high expected turnout we WILL be starting on time. If you?re late you are not guaranteed entry, so PLEASE be there on time.
Doors Open, registration for all games starts - 12:00
SSF4, BB, HDR and MB start - 1:00
Marvel 3, AH and GG start - 4:00
Exhibition Tournaments Start - 7:00

Match Rules
All games will be 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games. Finals (winners, losers and grand) will be 3/5.
Specific rules for each game will be announced soon.

Exhibition Rules
The Exhibitions will feature the top 6 players from the Michigan Ranking Battles ladder, as well as two last chance qualifiers. The qualifiers will be the top two players in the regular tournament who have not already qualified through ladder points.

The tournaments will be double elimination, and will be seeded according to ranking (the last chance qualifiers will be seeded last).

The prizes will be split 70/20/10. The amount of money in the prize pool will be announced after the last Ranbat (on the 19th of this month). It should be several hundred for each game.

We need PS3?s and TV?s. Please contact me if you can bring either, and we can talk about getting your fee waived.

Other Threads
–coming soon–

Aw shit. I did not expect THAT venue. Will go, literally like two blocks from me. : ]

Who in the A2 area wants to train up?

Who’s running 3s side tournament?


I can definitely bring a lagless HDTV setup, but someone else will most likely need to provide the PS3.

Could you bring ps2 stuff and the HD? GYGO has like 6 CRTs we can use too.

Man, wish this was next weekend.

I can, but I might not even need to. The DL guys will figure that out I’m sure.

Ive been off tha scene 4 WAAAAY too long. When did ppl start charge’n a “venue fee” ???

Maybe when venues stopped letting us take up their whole store for a day for free :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll play in the 3s side tourney! If anyone is ever in A2, lemme know so we can meet up at pinball petes. I don’t have the game for ps2, nor a stick.

Count me in for SSF4 and MvC3 and I can probably bring my PS3 and an hdmi cord.

Sweet, please do :smiley:

If by some chance I can get a ride from EL to Ann Arbor I can bring a full setup with ssf4 (asus vh236h for monitor)

There’s a MI Ranking Battle on the 19th of you’ll still be around.

We could probably figure something out.

Worddddddd. I’m stoked.

Hey Aaron, is there a good place to find dates/updates/other info on the ranbats? The dedicated thread seems to be lacking haha and I never know when they are.

Have they fallen into a steady biweekly schedule yet?
I need to see WeaponsLeft’s new stick ;]

D: It’s fully updated now! haha
Maybe I designed the thread badly. It’s been up to date schedule-wise for the last few weeks, but people keep texting/facebooking/srking me asking when tournaments are…
I’ll put the schedule at the top of the thread for s.6.

Maybe I have the IQ of a russet potato, but I can never seem to find any dates, and I can’t tell when the updates were, so when I read “this saturday” I don’t know if that actually means this saturday, or if it means this saturday a month ago haha

There’s an upcoming events section in the middle of the post >.<
It probably is my horrible thread design lol

Aha! Found it. Is feb 19th just gonna be mahvel or will there be a sf4 tourny too?