Michigan Mayn Event Revival Arcade Tourney - SF IV 8.8.09 - $100 Bonus and More!


Michigan is hosting another arcade related tournament, which features Tekken 6BR and Tekken 5DR. However, we’re also having a Street Fighter IV tournament as well. Here are the details:

Street Fighter IV

[]Tournament Day: August 8th, 2009
]Tournament SignUps: Noon - 1PM (Late Registration is 1:30PM and after)
[]Tournament Time: 3:00PM
]Tournament Fee: $10
[*]Tournament Fee (Late Registration Only): $12

Tournament Format
[]Double Elimination
]2 out of 3 matches advancement
[]3 out of 5 round format
]Winners Finals, Losers Finals and Grand Finals: 3 out of 5

Game Specific Tournament Rules:
Selective bracket. For the first two bracket stems, all players will play people who do not reside within their home state. Only Michigan players will be suspect to playing each other within the first two rounds of the bracket. After that, it’s fair game as a tournament should be. There will be a sign up sheet for you to write down your state of residence.

Tournament Prizes:
1st Place: 60%
2nd Place: 30%
3rd Place: 10%

1st Place will also receive:
– $100 Bonus
– Mayn Event Plaque
– Note: Bonus will be provided with a minimal participation rate of 24 players

General Tournament Information

The Mayn Event Revival Tournaments

Tournament Location is at American Fun Center
Oakland Mall
642 West 14 Mile Road
Troy, MI 48083
T: 248-616-9500

Note that this is the same location as The Ultimate Mayn Event from 2007. The arcade now has internet access for people who need to use the computer for tournament updates. We are pushing for all Friday and Saturday to be open until Midnight for practice and tournament play. Note that this will primarily be a Tekken based tournament as it was originally intended back in 2000.

General Tournament Rules for All Tournaments
My tournaments dictate promptness and organization to the best of my ability. All I ask is for you to show up on time when your name is called. Spero Gin can testify that we have disqualified numerous people due to tardiness. I have no problem doing this again.

This will be a 100% arcade based tournament. Tekken 5DR has controller ports and the staff is working to get controller ports for Tekken 6BR. By August, AFC should have upgraded their 2nd Tekken 6 machine for 2 total BR machines. There will be 2 Tekken 5DR machines available by default. Tekken cards for both games should be available.

No ties allowed. An automatic tie declaration will automatically forfeit ALL winnings and bonuses not awarded. Please read this rule again if you didn’t get it the first time.

All games will have default settings.

Any banned techniques will be addressed and listed here. They will be prohibited during tournament play once noted. Any use of a banned technique is subject to disqualification on discretion. Official disqualification in this circumstance will forfeit your match set. So if you’re in the winner’s bracket for using a banned technique, you’re automatically sent to the loser’s bracket. The same scenario for a loser’s bracket will eliminate you from the tournament.

ANY use of foul play, deliberate damage to the facilities, or action that causes you to leave the American Fun Center (or Oakland Mall) per staff will result in immediate removal from the tournament with NO refunds or rewards whatsoever. This rule is VALID from Friday to the very end of all tournaments.

Entry Fee
If you enter any of the tournaments listed, it will require a one-time $5 fee. ANY award or incentive that refunds the player WILL NOT involve this $5 fee. And there will be numerous chances that multiple players will be able to attend the tournament at no charge outside of the $5. So remember: Whatever you’re awarded, if you want to enter ANY of these tournaments, you must pay a minimum of $5.00.

More Information

Mayn Event Website - You can download all of the rules here.
Tekken Zaibatsu Post - The original tournament post

Good Luck Everyone!


Just for emphasis I want to point out a little blurb from JD’s post:

“This will be a 100% arcade based tournament.”

As in, SF4 is arcade only. They’re great machines but yes that means no console characters.


Hmm, sounds fun, I might make it.


This will be my second tourney. Looking forward to it.


Please reference the Zaibatsu Thread for constant updates. I’ll also make a quick post here for a quick update either tonight or tomorrow evening.


With the tournament being this week, there have been a few updates. With that being said, being the administrator of Mayn Event Site, there have been some surprisingly good interest in the SF IV tournament. Remember, there must be at least 24 participants in order for the bonus to take place.

All updates were posted on Tekken Zaibatsu

From July 30th

Okay, with the tournament being next weekend, I have a couple of announcements to prepare for whats ahead:

August 1st: Melody Contest
On Saturday, I will update the website a bit. This update will include a brief contest for all guaranteed participants on next weekend’s festivities. I’m going to upload 5 video game related songs. The first person to provide the correct game titles for all games will be able to enter any and all tournaments free of charge. This will be awarded to one person. Reply via the e-mail that will be provided. The files will be actual game music and not arranged songs. You must still pay the mandatory $5 fee and other incentive contest that Mayn Event Revival will provide.

If no one claims all 5 songs, The winner will be the first reply with the most correct answers. Their reward will be a percentage based on the amount of correct answers for one tournament only.

Ex: If the winner has 4 of the 5 correct, they will get 80% off a single tournament entry. One correct answer = 20% off. And so on.


The previous media developers who recorded past Mayn Events are unavailable (Forgo from Flint moved to Colorado and CD-DT is out in Cali). If possible, I need someone to record tournament footage for The Mayn Event - professionally. Please PM me if you can do this.


There will only be one machine tournament machine available for the following games: Tekken 6 BR, and Street Fighter IV. I’m pretty confident that I can still get all tournaments complete inside of a day, but all tournaments must start on time and enforced. The Tekken 6 Machine will be converted to BR, but not in time for the tournament. (Editor’s Note: This means that we have one Tekken 6 BR Machine for the tournament and one Tekken 6 machine for casual play)


Will also need a co-volunteer to host the tournament, particularly when multiple tournaments are going on.

Trophy and plaques have been ordered and will arrive on schedule.

Oh, and if you have a team all set for the Tekken related tournaments, send me a Private Message. Thanks again.

July 31st

Friday Hours: 11AM - Midnight
Saturday Hours: 10AM - Midnight
Sunday Hours: 11AM - 6PM

August 3rd

Well, it’s been a couple of months, but the week of the Mayn Event Revival is here. Just a couple of quick updates:

Not sure if anyone has looked, but the Tune Contest is available on the Mayn Event Website. Please download the official rules and music. My recommendation is that if you know ANY of the tracks to submit them immediately. Because if no one gets all of the tracks correctly, the first person who submits the most correct answers will be rewarded. You can make multiple submissions.

Trophies are still on schedule. I’ll be at AFC every day except Tuesday to view progress. I’ll be sending out reminders to everyone that’s potentially going tonight.

When the contest ends (8PM, Friday PST), it will eventually be replaced by media contest from this weekends’ festivities.


What Up PEOPLES!!!GET H.Y.P.E.!!

this weekend is going to be sick!!


This thread is getting no love, I’ll see everyone there saturday.


For those who want to do their part on saving some tournament time (in addition to showing up on time).

I uploaded the official sign up sheet on the Mayn Event Website. For the Zaibatsu and Shoryuken locals, you can download the pdf and prefill out the form. So when signups actually begin, all you need to do is hand me the signup sheet and the money. If you have exact change, the only transfer will be the number of tickets (and writing your names on the tickets) if applicable. So as opposed to taking 2-3 minutes, it will take at the most 30 seconds.

So more playing time for you and easier for everyone else.


By the way, speaking of tardiness, I’m not very tolerant on people being late for their games, unless you’re playing another tournament game. So when the tournament begins, we’re going 3 deep on matchups. Meaning, if you’re on deck within 3 matches please stand alongside the machine, at least to where I can see you. So when it’s your turn, you can get started immediately and the tournament can flow seamlessly. If you’re not there when it’s your turn, and you’re not playing a tournament related game you’re running the risk of forfeiting…which is apparently more important to you IF we can’t find you.

Here’s the sign up link:


Starting today, AFC will be setting up for this weekend’s tournament. I’ll make a final post tomorrow (or maybe later tonight) regarding any last minute preparations that are needed. After Friday afternoon, I’ll be unavailable to the Zaibatsu.

There will be a person recording the Tekken 6 related tournament since that is the feature. We should have all related matches available online within a week from the 8th. When all of this ends, expect your usual results page alongside some hints on Mayn Event X…as a couple of things serve as the precursor to it.

Oh…one more thing. There is a music contest going on, and it expires tomorrow! Please read the rules on the website for more information and how you can get some money off from tournament entries (or all tournaments if you guess them all).

Word of warning - I didn’t make it easy…!



Who ever stole my phone at the tourny today can die


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