Michigan ranbat 2.0 live stream

Ranbat 2.0 is being streamed live as we speak from this url, check it out, let us know what you think.


I’ll be mc-ing along with a few others, sf4 teams, blazblue and sf4 singles starting soon.

I’m diggin the music!

Streetfighter 4 singles will start in about an hour, blazblu is going on right now.

Nice, 2 live streams in 1 day.

streetfighter 4 singles is up now, start wawtchin

wanted to thank everyone for watching the stream, i’d also like to apologize if I offended anyone with some of the shit I said.

Anyways, thanks guys, uploaded a bunch of videos to my ufrag account.

Hope you guys enjoyed the stream! Any feedback on the lulzy commentary?

I thought the commentary was pretty decent for the most part, funny and informative imo.

Yeah the matches were pretty entertaining. Commentating wasn’t bad either. But you guys seriously need a new camera.

Yeah, that camera is… problematic. We alternate venues, so the next biweekly’s stream will probably be done entirely with the capture card since they have some nice CRT TVs there.

That was pretty awesome to watch though the random video glitches did suck. If you’re ever stuck using that camera again you might be able to construct an “infinite” tape to record to – just open up a normal tape that you don’t want and run a loop around the two spindles and splice it together so there’s always more tape available.

Also, it’s probably entirely up to the hosting site but not having to register to chat would be cool.