Michigan Ranbat Feb 13 Results

This one was smaller than usual, but also a little more relaxing for me >.< Good shit!
1: Alucard ($49.00)
2: AaronS ($14.00)
3: Thundercatz ($7.00)
4: Kitty
5: Q
5: Octopus on Fire
7: Papa Rhino
7: Holdy
9: Desperado
9: Turel
9: Collin
9: Grego
13: Coco
13: Codarl

Tekken 6
1: Turbobaek ($24.50)
2: wiredadex ($7.00)
3: Sage1082 ($3.50)
4: Coco
5: Papa Rhino
5: Collin
7: Boner

Holy shit, tied for 5th?

DAYUM. :smiley:

Time for shoutouts, yay.

AaronS: I’ll not go for an EX uppercut when it’s the final round of our loser’s bracket match again, lmfao. Good close games though, imma coming for you next tourney. >=D

Papa Rhino: Don’t pick seth again. Please. lol j/k. Fun set, haven’t fought a seth in a while.

Brian: Decent sakura for just starting out, you got the basics down for her, can’t wait to see how much you improve at the next tourney.

Kitty: Thanks for driving me. Wouldn’t have made it otherwise, so you saved meh bacon.

So how many points does that give me now? _

Alucard: Thanks for the help and advice during the tourney, was really needed.

My laptop batteries died before I could update the rankings >.<

Doing it now.

I’ve gotta man, he’s the only character in the game I find fun to play as :rofl:

Good shit everyone. :slight_smile:

By the way, if any of the people in the East Lansing area want to get some casuals in PM me. We’re trying to get some more sf in on a regular basis, so you should join us!

Where are you guys hosting tournaments now? East Lansing? I might try to show up for the next one.

LOL @ The Tekken results

Next one is in Garden City. Check out the thread in the tourney and events section.

It’s pretty free for anyone who’s good :stuck_out_tongue: