Michigan Ranbats Feb 28th Results

Sup guys, good tournament (aside from me going 1 and 2 ;P). The end of the season is coming near, so play your best and get ready for Michigan Masters 2!
1: Wolfkrone ($87.50)
2: Alucard ($25.00)
3: Grego ($12.50)
4: STD
5: Thundercatz
5: Octopus on Fire
7: Holdy
7: Pachi
9: Shawn
9: Mike
9: Joe
9: AaronS
13: DeeDog
13: Taurus
13: Dec
13: Mello
17: Chris
17: Desperado
17: Personman
17: Buzz
17: Garci
17: White Lake Rage
17: Ladymachine
17: Branton
25: Dave

Tekken 6
1: Haiguy ($21.00)
2: Joshimitsu ($6.00)
3: Pandora ($3.00)
4: Ayanami
5: Cryptic
5: Personman
7: Chris

(the “daniel” in the t6 bracket is a program glitch. Ignore that.)

Wish I can stay to watch these SF4 matches… nevertheless, good stuff to everyone! Anyone who got those SF4 matches on tape, please upload them for our viewing pleasure. :slight_smile:

so what’s it like to be playing tournaments in the future, aaron? looks at topic title

lolz. XD Hope to make it out to the next one. When’s the next michigan masters going to be?

I’m holdin’ down the 17th spot with 7 other cats! Us low tier players go HARD!

You got the power of dat deadly dizzying c. mk, man. Real talk. :rofl:

I got some videos. I’ll upload them this weekend…even though 2 of them are of me getting spanked >.<

I have no idea what you’re talking about :confused: