Michigan Ranbats s.5 - Garden City, MI - Biweekly


MARVEL WILL START AT 2:00, casuals before hand. I’m gonna run it on Xbox I think.

The Michigan Masters thread is here: http://shoryuken.com/f7/michigan-masters-4-gygo-ann-arbor-mi-3-5-11-a-264959/
The current rankings will be updated before the 19th, which will be the last ranbat before MM4.

Upcoming Tourney area updated. MM4 thread coming soon! The next few tournaments are a little weird (each one is gonna have different games) so make sure to scan over that section so you don’t show up to there being no SF or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Full Team Rules Update
Tomorrow’s SF4 event will be 2v2. No singles this time.

The format will be 2v2 Poke’mon style. That means both players send up their first player. The first players play a b.o.1. The losing team sends up their next player. If the 2nd player loses that’s the match. In other words, it’s just last man standing, winner stays. The tournament WILL be character locked (you cannot change the character you are playing between matches.) You may change ultras between games. Teams CANNOT have 2 of the same character. It will be a double elimination bracket, regular pricing ($15 per player, including venue fee and league fee). Prizes will be split 70/20/10.

Ranking points will be awarded to both players on a team, but you won’t get as much as if you placed in a singles event. Here’s the distribution:
Both players on the 1st place team: 5 points
2nd place team: 4 points
3rd place team: 3 points
4th place team: 2 points
5th place teams: 1 point

If you have any questions PM me, or just ask at the tournament :smiley: See you guys tomorrow!

Update 4
The next date is this Saturday!
Also, the tournament on the 18th of December will be a team event. More details coming soon.

Update 3
The next tourney is this Saturday (the 20th), just in case you didn’t know :slight_smile:

Update 2
Ranking and past results sections have been added at the bottom of this post.

Update 1
We’re going to start SSF4 off on PS3. If you can bring a console, an HDMI cord, and a copy of the game your venue fee will be waived. Please chip in and bring one!
Blazblue will be on Xbox still.

Welcome to Michigan Ranking Battles season 5, brought to you by TFA AaronS and Toasty. This is going to be the smoothest, hypest, and biggest ranbat season yet, so you better be ready to fight!

We’ll also have a sick stream from Digital Dojo (courtesy of TFA Grego). Don’t miss out!!!

Schedule and Games
2:00 ? Blazblue Continuum Shift double elimination tournament, Super Street Fighter 4 Danisen Battle, FREE Melty Blood: Actress Again double elimination side tournament.
5:00 ? Super Street Fighter 4 double elimination tournament, FREE Guilty Gear Accent Core double elimination side tournament.

Location and Dates
MI Ranbats take place at The Game Yard, a gaming center in Garden City, MI. It?s conveniently located between Ann Arbor and Detroit.
Directions can be found at The GameYard - Home

Upcoming Events: Saturday, January 29th - This event WILL NOT FEATURE STREET FIGHTER AND WILL NOT BE AT GAMEYARD. See the Dust Loop thread for more details on this event.
Saturday, February 5th - regular event
Saturday, February 19th - MARVEEEELLLLL
Saturday, March 5th - Michigan Masters 4

Pricing and Prizes
There is a $3 venue fee to participate in the ranbat. This money goes to Gameyard.
Blazblue costs $7. $5 goes to the prize for the ranbat, and $2 goes towards the prize for our end-of-the-season-event, Michigan Masters (more on this later).
The SF Danisen Battle is free.
The SF bracket costs $12. $10 goes to the prize for the ranbat, and $2 goes towards the prize for our end-of-the-season-event, Michigan Masters (more on this later).
Both Guilty Gear and Melty Blood are free to enter so if you haven?t played them before, come and try them out.
All cash tournaments have a 70/20/10 prize split.

Blazblue Continuum Shift:
This is a regular double elimination event. If you lose, you are allowed to switch characters. Matches are 2/3 games, 2/3 rounds. Winners finals, losers finals and grand finals are all 3/5 games, 2/3 rounds. Unlimited characters are BANNED. All DLC characters are ALLOWED.

Melty Blood: Actress Again:
This is a regular double elimination event. If you lose, you are allowed to switch characters/Moon styles. You can still switch Moon styles even if you win. Matches are 2/3 games, 2/3 rounds. Winners finals, losers finals and grand finals are all 3/5 games, 2/3 rounds. Archetype Earth and all Eclipse characters are BANNED.

Guilty Gear Accent Core:
This is a regular double elimination event. If you lose, you are allowed to switch characters. Matches are 2/3 games, 2/3 rounds. Winners finals, losers finals and grand finals are all 3/5 games, 2/3 rounds. Kliff, Justice, all EX, Gold, Infinite tension, etc. characters are BANNED.

SF Danisen Battle:
Danisen Battle is a tournament format in which players compete to reach the highest possible ?Dan?. The ranks are 1st Dan through 10th Dan. All players start at 1st Dan, and can only play against opponents that are within 1 Dan of themselves (i.e. a 2nd Dan can fight a 3rd Dan, but not a 4th Dan.) Each match you win will earn you a point. Each match you lose will lose you a point (to a minimum of 0.) Every 3 points you earn will advance you to the next Dan, every 3 points you lose will drop you by a Dan (1st Dan is the lowest). The player at the highest Dan at the end of the season is the winner.
If you win a game you can stay on the station and take on another opponent. If you lose or you rank up you have to get up and let someone else have a chance.
The purpose of the Dan Battle is to allow us to have a structured environment to practice in. It allows you to play a lot more games against players of similar skill than you are going to be able to play in a regular double elim format. There is no prize for the Dan Battle, but it will allow us to raise the skill level of Mi a lot quicker. Make sure if you win a match to give some tips to the other player. Make sure if you lose a match to ask your opponent what you can improve on. And have fun!
Dan battle matches are 2/3 games, 2/3 rounds.

SSF4 bracket:
This is a regular double elimination event. The brackets are seeded according to the Season 5 rankings (details below). Matches are 2/3 games, 2/3 rounds. Winners finals, losers finals and grand finals are all 3/5 games, 2/3 rounds. If you lose a game you can switch your character. You can switch your ultra if you win or lose.

Current Rankings
1st. TFA Wolfkrone (16)
2nd. TFA Perfect Legend (13)
3rd. TFA Vanity (7), TFA Juicy Chicken (7)
5th. TFA Checkmate (6), TFA AaronS (6)
7th. TFA Banana Ken (5)
8th. TFA Chat de Thunder (4), TFA Weapons Left (4)
10th Pachi (3)
11th. G5 (1), TFA Grego (1), TFA Holdy (1)

Past Results

1: Perfect Legend ($189.00)
2: Juicy Chicken ($54.00)
3: AaronS ($27.00)
4: Vanity
5: Checkmate
5: Weapons Left
7: Octopus on Fire
7: Chat De Thunder
9: Golden Standard
9: Holdy
9: Deedog
9: Grego
13: Jim
13: Leonil
13: Tails
13: Free 1up
17: Person Man
17: Angry Robot
17: Kui
17: Vince
17: Scrooged
17: Shadowglare
17: Lupus
17: Joe
25: Smoke 313
25: Ayanami
25: Kaker

1: Wolfkrone ($154.00)
2: Bannana Ken ($44.00)
3: Vanity ($22.00)
4: Pachi
5: Juicy Chicken
5: Octopus on Fire
7: Grego
7: Holdy
9: AaronS
9: Chat De Thunder
9: Synkiller
9: Shadowglare
13: Deedog
13: Shawn
13: Hokuto Joe
13: Golden Standard
17: HNIC Mike
17: Smoke 313
17: Jim
17: Night Pirate
17: Deebs
17: Nikki

1: Wolfkrone ($189.00)
2: SSJ Sepheroth 5069 ($54.00)
3: Checkmate ($27.00)
4: Chat De Thunder
5: AaronS
5: Weapons Left
7: Octopus on Fire
7: G5
9: Grego
9: TFA Synkiller
9: Hokuto Joe
9: Golden Standard
13: Jim
13: Marvin
13: Juicy Chicken
13: Vanity
17: Chad
17: Martin
17: Adam
17: Madking
17: Holdy
17: Mike
17: Nikki
25: Mr U Suk
25: Shadowglare
25: HNIC Mike
25: Straw Hat

Rankings Details and Michigan Masters
This is a ranking battle series, which means you will be ranked throughout the season based on your performance in each tournament. Points are awarded based on your placing in the bracket:
1st ? 8 points
2nd ? 5 points
3rd ? 4 points
4th ? 3 points
5th ? 2 points
7th ? 1 point
This ranking system will be applied to the BB brackets, and the SSF4 brackets. The Dan Battles are separate.
Brackets will be seeded according to these rankings.
At the end of the season the top 6 players will be invited to participate in the Michigan Masters Exhibition Event. This is a tournament featuring the best players in MI, with a large cash bonus (collected from the league fees from the ranking battles). More details will be posted towards the end of Season 5. Season 5 will be comprised of approximately 6 tournaments (3 months).

I?ll see you guys at Gameyard! :smiley:

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So $15 total per tournament? That’s not too bad.

And a free melty blood tourney? I’m game for that, I wanna try it out. :smiley:


This is going to be fun, definitely in for free Guilty.
Also I’ll run HDR, remixed or classic, if anyone’s interested in playing that.


Is GG going to be a regular thing?

Also what system are we playing SF4 an BB on?


classic ST?! :slight_smile:


If people consistantly come for it, then yes.


Goooood Shit.


I will be running HOKUTO NO KEN side tournaments at the ranbats! Yes, really. Starts at 4pm, free entry, Japanese style (2/3 rounds, single game, single elim).
Better get them bounce combos ready or else… YOU’RE ALREADY DEAD.


This. I’m down for some Classic ST. :smiley:


5pm for SSF4? That means I can actually make it out. I’ll hopefully be there for the first ranbat.


I’ll be there, this time for damn sure. I’m down with a Hokuto No Ken, Souther all day baby. If anybody is interested I could hold a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure side tournament. I’ll bring a ps3, ssf4, jojo’s, and an extra stick if anybody needs one.


See you guys there :smiley:


Sup AaronS just wanted to know are you guys not doing anymore Tekken 6 tournaments?


Most of the time no one showed up for T6, so prolly not…


Like 4 people most of the time, 7 max :lol:


What system will the SSF4 tournament be played on?


We should hold teams again, I miss teams. Maybe we can work it in BEFORE the singles, that way, people already there and not leaving.

I can dream right? :zzz:


Not a good enough turnout right now :frowning:

Maybe we’ll try it again if I hear enough people asking for it. Sorry man.

I wanna try just the Dan Battles for now.

Maybe we can add teams too a little down the road.

ALSO, OP updated with console info.


I’ll bring a PS3 setup


Although im not sure yet. I plan to finally show up… and level up…

But crap at PS3 and not 360… cause i wont be able to use my stick…

Can’t we do both PS3 and 360 consoles? or just soley PS3? And does anyone have a SFIV TE Stick for the PS3 i can use?

Thanks, ill bring my 360 stick anyways.

Also at the tournament, im going to by Don’t Tase Me Bro. since thats my xbox live gamertag and what i want to be known as in the community now.

And one last question… will we be streaming? Cause my friends wanted to see my debut at the fighting scene.

Thanks guys… and i know i been a jackass, but im not talking shit anymore >.>