Michigan Ranbats s.6 - Ann Arbor, MI - Biweekly

It’s that time again :slight_smile: Here comes Mi Ranbats season 6!!!

Next Event
The next tournament will be after EVO. Stay tuned!


For updates regarding the Ranbats follow Aaronsolon on Twitter. I will post new info regarding dates, locations, and up to the minute news from the tournaments.

3:00 - Super Street Fighter 4 AE (360), Blazblue CS (360), Mealty Blood (PS2)
6:00 - Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (360), Arcana Heart 3 (PS3), Guilty Gear (PS2)

Fees and Prizes
There will be a $5 venue fee. All entrants will get a free drink and snack when you pay your venue fee :slight_smile:

SSF4 and MVC3 will cost $10 each. $3 out of the 10 will go to the prize pool for the next Michigan Masters Exhibition. $7 will go to the prize pool for the current ranbat, and will be split 70/20/10.

For info on the other games check out the Dust Loop thread:

Ranking Points
1: Alucard (27)
2: Banana Ken (21)
3: Weapons Left (12), AaronS (12)
5: Wolfkrone (11)
6: Chat De Thunder (9)
7: Papa Rhino (8)
8: Kiu (4), Checkmate (4)
10: Omar (2), Perfect Legend (2), Devil Chipp (2), Vanity (2)
14: Deedog (1), Golden Standard (1), Rock (1), Black and Red (1)

1st. Alucard (26)
2nd. Kenta (13), Ken (13)
4th. Da Voice (7)
5th. Juicy Chicken (6), Brett (6)
7th. Zram (5)
8th. Ayanami (4)
9th. Branton (3), Omar (3), shardz (3)
12th. Chindog (2), Curtis (2), Madking (2)
15th. Eric (1), Fate (1), Perfect Legend (1)

Placing in a ranking battle will earn you a certain number of points:
1st. 8 points
2nd. 5 points
3rd. 4 points
4th. 3 points
5th. 2 points
7th. 1 point

There are different leaderboards for each ranked game. SSF4, MVC3 and BB will be ranked. The top 6 players in each game will be invited to participate in the exhibition matches at Michigan Masters 5.

Future Events
Saturday, July 2nd at GYGO


1: Wolfkrone
2: Banana Ken
3: Alucard
4: Chat de Thunder
5: Weapons Left
5: AaronS
7: Omar
7: Golden Standard
9: John
9: Holden
9: Hector
9: Rock
13: Shadowglare

1: Alucard
2: kenta
3: juicy chicken
4: Omar
5: Brett

1: Banana Ken
2: Alucard
3: Checkmate
4: Wolfkrone
5: Chat De Thunder
5: Kiu
7: Deedog
7: Weapons Left
9: Mo
9: Synkiller
9: AaronS
9: Rock
13: Lupus
13: John
13: Munchi
13: G5
17: Ameer
17: Juicy Chicken

1: Kenta
2: Alucard
3: Brett
4: Branton
5: Juicy Chicken
5: shardz
7: Eric
7: Fate
9: AaronS
9: Ayanami
9: Daniel
9: Hove
13: Brandon
13: Deedog
13: Weapons Left
13: Rhino
17: Jay
17: Synkiller
17: Kitty von doom
17: Lupus
17: Andrew
17: Curtis
17: Matt C.
17: Kyle S.

I know some of you guys were interested in Arcana - it’ll be available for U.S. PSN next week on Tue. 4/5.
Speaking of which, DigiOps has PS3s set up already?

edit* AH3 got pushed back, coming out 4/19 :confused:

DL thread - Michigan Ranbats Season 6

good stuff!

I think I can make it out there, I will bring a copy of ssf4 and marvel3 with a dual modded competition stick. That is if I do go i’ll update later. I don’t mind bringing my other stick te (360) just as long as I get it back. My compition stick is 6 button strait layout so button checks my take a lil longer sigh (dual modded) again I’ll update later

i prolly won’t be able to go to none of these

I wont be to the one on the 16th but I might come to a later one

why not? :frowning:

Now that I have a job and my car is being fixed today, I should hopefully be able to come out more.

Awesome :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of going to this next week to play some marvel, but I only have sticks for PS3. I’m awful on pad. Would someone be able to let me use their stick?

Won’t be able to go to the 16th cause of school and such, but I will hopefully be at the next one :slight_smile:

I wanna go so bad…

I also wanna see how Michigan is doing in Marvel 3.

I also need a wired stick :frowning:

Hey man. I am sure people wouldn’t mind you using there stick. I will be there and your more then welcome to use mine. i will bring all my extras for anyone in need also

Awesome, thanks. As long as I don’t run into money problems, I will be there.

i will most likely be there…been dying to play :wasted:

and im making sure my truck doesnt get towed like last time :nono:

Yeah we have a crap ton of sticks >.< Shouldn’t be a problem!

Can’t wait!

Op updated.

5th place yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. =D

Branton=TheBranten btw.