Michigan Ranking Battle 2.0 Results

Great tournament guys, and not only cause Ann Arbor raped in BB :wink:

Here’s the results!

Street Fighter 4:

Bracket: http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/6922/sfbracket.gif

1: Perfect Legend ($154.00)
2: Alucard ($44.00)
3: Dray ($22.00)
4: Chonger
5: Wolfkrone
5: STD
7: Ladymachine
7: Deante
9: Nick
9: Grego
9: Yusuke
9: Sean
13: Branton
13: Ken
13: Kenta
13: AaronS
17: Pachi
17: Gabe
17: Ayanami
17: Cody
17: EB_P0PE
17: KOH
17: Tone


Bracket: http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/6416/bbbracket.gif

1: Kenta ($168.00)
2: AaronS ($48.00)
3: Alucard ($24.00)
4: Chonger
5: Yusuke
5: Sean
7: Grego
7: Joeshimitsu
9: Roadie
9: EB_P0PE
9: Ladymachine
9: Gabe
13: Cory
13: Shardz
13: Kursis
13: Branton
17: STD
17: Mr.Funky
17: Greats
17: Nazrin
17: KOH
17: Gideon
17: Ayanami
17: Alex

Great tournament! I’ll post the ladder rankings on the tournament thread. The next tournament will be on the 25th in Ann Arbor, at Digital Ops.

Next time the live stream will be even better too, so get hype all you spectators!!!

fun tournament, just need to get better is all :stuck_out_tongue:

good meeting everyone too :slight_smile:

Great tournament. Streaming was hilariously fun. Really turned an already fine tourney into a knockout home run that way. Now I just need to not suck ass at BB and level up my game! It was awesome meeting everyone.


Thanks for letting me do the live stream guys, it was fun, next time I’ll be leveled up I was kinda off my game.

also heres the last set of the grand finals, sorry I missed the first set aaron =(.

ROFL… Chonger thats my new tournament name from now on.

2C to spike chaser hell yeah

[23:56] <ShardZ> did you eat chicken nuggets?
[23:56] <SugarBullet> 100 nuggets
[23:56] <SugarBullet> we still have some left
[23:56] <ShardZ> did yusuke steal all of them?
[23:56] <ShardZ> daaaamn
[23:56] <SugarBullet> 4 people can’t smash it

[00:15] <SugarBullet> shit
[00:15] <SugarBullet> we still have like 40 nuggets

hella fun times! I’ll prolly be out of town for the next tourney, but I’ll definitely be at the one after that :smiley:

Those were some good nuggets.

Where are the vids!!!

The only vid I know of is BB finals.

Next time there will be WAY more.

You playing SFIV these days? Send me a PM.

tonight, im gonna re capture some of the finals so I can upload it.

When is the next SF4 Tournies?

This Saturday.