Michigan thread autumn edition

----yeah its that time again.--------

That time when your attention reservoirs have waned?

Stop tryin to rush the summer away!!! Still got over a month!

He does have a point Celebfest.


Dam this sh*t is confusing…which thread are we using???

We are using this thread now! No sense in using “Spring Edition”. That was a long, long time ago in a Galaxy far, far away!!!

I finally got a vid up and running on FNG website:


Go to FNG vids page…its a slow process trying to find a host…the one I have now only allows 20MB at a time, so the fights are short.

This is a learning phaze for me so don’t expect much.


Thanks to OBOT64.com for your assistance!

Good Ish Robo!

Your vid is visually stunning!

Only thing I noticed is that youre the bit rate that you used to encode your files is too high. I usually use 512kb encoding. You used 2060kb encoding. If you drop your encoding quality your vids wont look as good but they will take up less space.

Also, how are you recordign your video and gettign it on the computer?

Just played the American One Piece…just spend the extra $30 and get the import. American voices, missing characters, Smoker’s name is someting else, forgot, but it’s not Smoker, Sanji has the Lollypop instead of the cigarette, who knows what else.

Naruto’s voice acting on Toonami wasn’t bad so far. Naruto sounded like I’d expected him too, Shikamaru’s voice was cool too. Don’t think I’m gonna be used to hearing American Jutsu names which they promised wouldn’t be changed(Neiji’s will be horrible when they get that far like next year). But they did keep the original music.

It’ll be on again tomorrow night so I can check it out myself.I had to work today so I didn’t get a chance to watch it.You right about one thing Shin, I hope Toonami doesn’t mess it up on kick-ass characters like Neji,Shino,Orochimaru,and Gaara.

The voices are supreb so far, just the technique names will be in english. IT’S FOOTBALL TIME!!!

I actually enjoyed the Naruto dub. I was kind of expecting them to ditch the opening and closing, which they did, but we all rocked out hard to that sweet guitar music anyway, lol.

Naruto’s voice won’t take long to get accustomed to, Iruka’s VA sounds forced like he has no previous experience with pronouncing Japanese, but he will catch on, the others did well. Also, they did not change the name of the jutsus but will not be saying them entirely in Japanese. Shadow Clone Jutsu is perfectly acceptable compared to “ART OF DOPPLEGANGER” WTF. (The Manga translation is horrible.)

Anyway, I’m really glad they haven’t fucked it up too bad yet. I hope it continues to rock.

Yeah, it woul be cool if they said the Jutsu’s in Japanese and had a subtitle of what it meant :tup:


Wait a minute, they always win game 1.

The whole point of dubbing is so that they don’t need subtitles though. As long as they are true to the technique’s name, I don’t see why they shouldn’t be able to translate it. Even Clone Technique would’ve been acceptable, but they decided to leave jutsu in, which is nice.

Naruto is voiced by a woman. Other than that I thinks its pretty well done.

Naruto is very well done, considering how many great anime’s are butchered (one Piece, according to Biz). Voices are pretty good. I wish they would bring back Yu Yu Hakusho, I’ll be happy.

I seen it too and I give it thumbs up to the voice actress do did Naruto.She did his voice just like he was in the Japaneese version,other voices were cool also. Good job Toonami! :tup:

One Piece is horrible dubbed. They are almost done with the entire Yu Yu Hakusho series on DVD so it should be back soon. Can’t wait myself though.

I pretty much don’t give a fuck since I’ve seen it all anyway.

I still think we don’t need to be dubbing anime, America needs to start making its own stuff again.

Thanx Obot.

I record with a DVD recorder hooked up to the TV while we play during FNG.

Upload to pc via finished DVD.

Edit and convert to MPeg.

Upload through host 20MB limit.

Finally, a Naruto I can understand and follow…I know they are probably leaving out a lot of sh*t, for us old anime challenged folk, its just what the doctor ordered.