Michigan Thread Summer Edition

“U know da school…”

Fng 7/14

Ok…different story on FNG this week…its gonna start at 6pm. There is a Guilty Gear crew coming from A2 this week so I’m giving special consideration and starting FNG early. So call 1st, but FNG is gonna begin at 6pm 2morrow.

I’m hoping some of our GG experts could be here, Techno can’t make it and I’m not sure about Tim either because he supposed to be going into the service. So, it looks like I’m gonna be the “whippin’ boy” unless some GG players show.

FNG 6pm till…

Talking to Tim right now said he will be there

Cool…thanx MOK…are you coming?

Friday Night Freeplay @ Planet X for T5: DR + MVC2, from 9pm to midnight for 5 bucks a head… come through, holla…

FNG Alert!!!

As most of you know…other than the games…I have an somewhat average home. The hot weather has made such that I will probably have to cancel FNG 2nite. I do not have air conditioning here…so FNG is kinda roughing it. 90 degrees, humid weather and 10 guys in one room and 2 fans in the window ain’t gonna cut it…unless you don’t care.

The basement is not a finished one with a wet bar and pretzels…so its my livingroom or bust. Opinions? Post em’. Otherwise I’ll call the guys in A2 and let em know whats up.

Vegas has something going on @ Planet X tonite, so that might be a diversion for some of you. Peace.

Ok…spoke to A2 guys…they don’t care how hot it is…soooooooooooo 6pm Saturday-till, sound ok?

work it.

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what ann arbor guys that play GG are going??? confused

The one guy I talked to was indian Yusuke say “You-Skay”.

He was with some other guys at Pinball Petes who said they were coming…don’t know their names.

hrmm I see. thanks

You know them?


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Nope, never heard of em. Only people I knew that even remotely played in the ann arbor area is scott, aj, and bhaskar when he still lived in MI. Anyone else that “played” would play, but wouldnt acctauly play any of us or quit after a couple weeks shrug.

I was in error, clayton. Yusuke and Kenta were of asian decent, sorry about the mix up. My racist ass thought they were somehow related to Boxcar.

(I am not a racist)

Clayton go here to read about the slaughter:


heyas ppl were do you all play…im down here in kendallville, indiana and have a company car which i am able to use for travel…i basically play 3rd strike…but im willing to learn some of the other games…leave me an msg to see if we can get together some time


lol… anyway

Hrmm i see… Maybe if they go to that planet X tourny thing ill see whats up.

Several places:


FNG represents casual console gaming between local gamers @ my home in Detroit…all are welcome…no fee.

Planet X

Represents gaming at a location in Southfield, MI…run as a business…located in a stripmall…fees apply.

There are other gaming locations like Terrel’s and Henry’s…but I am not authorized or at liberty to divulge infomation about specific details. Hope that helps.

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