Michigan thread winter version

…You know what to do.

(evil laughs)

FOOLISH FLESH CREATURES!! I, The Deity, will destroy ALL in Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum. (evil laughgs)

yo, just stating my place on the Winter Thread. Hope to hear good news about NEXT week’s FNG. I feel like I’m having withdrawals.

whats FNG??? ive been out of town for the past year.

how was Japan

So ridiculous! Im still in Japan, I dont get back till the 17th.

My apologies. Who is Kenshin?

Tom Yum Goong =:tup: :tup: :tup: :clap: :clap: :wow: :wow:

cool we have to play some more tekken when you come back

a tekken player? hurray

Hey what’s up everybody?
Hope all is well i just had to check in here on the new thread.
Hey if anyone is into racing games i just picked up Need for Speed Underground 2.
Man what a sweet game that is.
Take Care Everyone

Let’s not get too excited about Tekken; last time we played I was railing people and I am no tekken player. :v

Robo-I read on the Last Hope website that they are considering ports for the MVS, Neo CD, and DREAMCAST.

If it comes out on DC, I am totally there.

Now they’re also talking about a “tiered” pricing for the neo home cart, based on what little shit you want with it like the box and manual and shit like that.

Nigga please, you only play Tekken @ FNG… haha


Hey What’s up everbody?
I know htis may seem old and tiresom but what the heck happened to the Lions yesterday? That game was not even worh televising.
Something has to be done …but im not sure what.
Well let me know what your thoughts are on this .

Wadup master of King, should of hit up N Cubed. I wanted to play you. You were the best I’ve played online


(evil laughs)

FOOLISH INFERIOR BEINGS!! I, The Deity, will destroy ALL in Tech Romancer. (evil laughs)

Hey Does anyone here know where i can find a Music cd by a band by the name of Fountainhed they were a local band from the Mich area and i was going to get this cd for someone as a gift and i wanted to know where i can possibly find this?

sorry, this is probably old news to some of you, but have any of you seen that ‘contest video’ that Shoryuken made in October?

I just DL’d it and watched it (even though the contest is over), just to see what was inside. There’s a match of Makoto VS Ryu, and from what was said about the video from SRK themselves, the entire Makoto ‘combo’ she performs on poor, poor Ryu at the end there is completely legit! I couldn’t believe it, so I watched it again…and again…and you get the point.

If any of you haven’t seen it, there’s a link to it on the homepage of SRK. Check it out – there’s some neat stuff in there. just remember that the point of the contest was to see if you can point out where they ‘cheated’ the game in there, so not ALL of the video is legit…but that damn combo is! ugh, that one’s crazy. :amazed: