Michigan, WSU New years CvS2 team Tournament 01/14/2006

-Location: Wayne state university student center http://www.studentcenter.wayne.edu/
-Address: ???
-Parking: ???

-Arrival time: 3:00 4:30 (set-up, registration and free play will occur)
-Tournament start time: 5:00pm (Late entrants must start in the losers bracket, and may not be accepted)

Entery Fee: $30 per 3-man team (10 dollars per player).
Pay out: ???

System Format: CvS2 on Ps2

Team Tournament Rules

-Button configuration: ???
-Joystick swapping during a match: ???

-Match ups: Decided by DICE Roll. A team will roll the dice and so on so forth; the teams that match in number will fight it out.

-Match Format: 2 out of 3 Double elimination, once your team loses you get sent to the losers bracket, from there if you lose again you are out.

Team Order: Team is to be selected before the match; match winners keep their original order (unless the winners first player took the one-man bonus. In witch he or she will shift the power over to his or her teammate).

As stated by Lycan in the Mi thread.

"This tournament will take place JANUARY 14th. At 5 pm.

Come early and please do not come late, there are no refunds if you decide to leave mid-tournament.

After some thinking and talking over with some friends of mine I have decided to make the fee $30.00 this is the normal fee for each person in a tourney.

$10 dollars a person in the team.
$30 dollars a team.

No singles, no doubles, you must have three people to your team.

There will be a two-hour free play before the tourney starts. During this time we, that will be Marcellus and I from Wayne State, will be taking money, Individual names, characters being played with, and Team names for registration.

Again I ask that your team bring a Stick that you are all compatible and comfortable playing with. I would rather not switch the sticks from person to person but from team to team.

ALSO, in the unlikely event that a TEAM CAN actually play the game using the PS controller I ask that you get used to the Default button configuration.

The only time the button configuration will be changed is if for some reason a joystick switched buttons. Dont know how but it has happened! Other wise the normal will be the Default settings.

To get a hold of me just email me at Lycanwolf2002@yahoo.com I would like to ask a personal favor. My email is not for threats or vulgar posts, please refrain from sending me such email!

This tournament is not just to show how good you are with your MAIN character but also to show how well you can play on a team.

Match ups will be decided by DICE Roll. A team will roll the dice and so on so forth; the teams that match in number will fight it out.

After careful deliberation I have decided to make this 2 out of 3 Double elimination, once you lose you get sent to the losers bracket, from there if you lose again you are out.

To make matters fair I ask that you pick your order before the bout, Winners keep their original order unless the winners first player took the one-man bonus. In witch he or she will shift the power over to his or her teammate.

The reason for all of this is to avoid hustlers and Match players.

Keep it fair, keep it clean, have some fun, and if you are good enough, win some cash!"

Post questions ect here and we can sort everything out.:lovin:

Obot, I know it’s not your tournament to run, but I have a question. How can you ensure that everyone on the team gets a chance to play? Being a team of three, is there any rotation sorted out to ensure this?

While I’m at it, is it 2xElim? And if so, based out of how many matches?

well you really can’t ensure that every one will play each match, What if the other team wins with TCV? well that’s a good thing ,You want that to happen

Well i just found out from Obot that there gonna pick random orders for ever new match… Who comes out with this rules, Fine i understand same grooves and shit but picking random orders -_- no ratio 2’s…seems to me like there adding more rules every time,and having ratio 2’s is not like only you have it and other people don’t. if your gonna keep making shitty rules then i’m pretty sure no one is gonna show up LYCAN…Not trying to bash on lycan or nething but it should be (same Groove ,double elimination of course, ratio 2 if not is fine not really a big deal, NO random orders it should be like always if u win u have to pick same order until a new match.

Well, the point on my post is that everyone should have a right to play in a tournament if they paid. Yes, it’s good if your team “OCVs” the other. However, the tournament runs the risk of people not playing as much or at all. Whoever’s in 1st may be awarded for being the best ‘team’, when actually the team is more or less being carried by one person; maybe two.

Granted, this may not happen, but the risk is there. That should at least be looked into.

it’s all good if u win that $$$

You should be asking me JD.

No there is no way I can say all team players will play. some people might be good enough to take the one-man-bonus while others will win with two people alone. you play until you die.

Yes, it will be 2 out of 3 to start. and the lossers braket will be one match elim.

as far as the rotation is concerned. that is picked out ahead of time while you register. this is to avoid match players. fights will be drawn out by luck of the dice.
if the match up is poor, I am sorry! but there is nothing else I can do to stop husslers and match players.

I mean no offence but you wouldnt be saying all of this if your team won and you did not play, you wouldnt be like “aw damn I did not get to play,” you would be like “hell yeah we won.”

No I am not going to match grooves! I am not making shitty rules. there are no rules other then you and your team come to Marsellus or I and tell us your player and your order. simple as that. The only time you can change your order is if you.

Win the one-man bonus.
Lose the whole match.

Winner, Like in most tourny have to keep their order so there is nothing NEW or Shitty here.

So yea… I’m looking for teammates…

I perform well in c-grove, but I?m open to k-grooving it down. I’m told that my best character is blank… I tend to agree.

Speeking as your friend…I do not think you are very good in K-groove.
Stay with C.

Speeking as a host, Thats great I hope you do well.

Anybody can do well in k-grove… its raspberry jam easy!

so…im a little confused, but here is my understanding…it is 3 on 3 match, not ratio…order is determined when you register team…individual players play till they die, then next person goes…and 2/3 double elim. that is my understanding, someone please let me know if this is correct, this shit iz confusing though, not like normal team tourney.

in my opinion, i think regular ratio match would be best. Also, just a thought, might be cool to have 2 man team tournament, with each player having an entire team of their choice, 1 match, double elim…so basically, if both of your teams get beat, you go to losers, although i dont know if this would be too time consuming, how many tvs are available etc.

Trust me: I would say that, because I wanna do my part as a team. If I was on your team, for example, and you one-manned our opponents, ‘we’ didn’t win at all. Again, I’m not saying I don’t wanna win this way, because it’s not my concern. However, you’re promoting a team tournament, so the team should play…not the risk of one or two people.

And what’s this One Man Bonus I’m hearing? It’s mentioned here, but not in detail. What do they win?

Emm, I see your point.

The tournament stands! thank you for your input my friend.


yes you got it right. all the info will be mentioned at the tourny to avoid confusion.

No, I will not change it.

thank you for your input.

I"m looking for team partners

get at me… you know my numba right? if not pm me or hit me up on aim.

He said team partners not team jesters!

And no you stupid arrogant fool, K-groove is not easy and everyone at Marcellus?s house proved it to your stupid ass because if it was so easy why couldn?t you do it.

dumbfuck get a clue! You play the one grove in the game that has the highest profit and talk shit about other people?s grooves, man you are more foolish then Above-nimrod.

Who’s up for a game of Mario Strikers?


HEY YO its me, its me, its RDG (RUSH DOWN GOD) VDO here, just wanna say I guess Keshawn didn’t fall off the face of the earth hmmmmmmmmmmmm strange since he is toooooo gooooooood to call someone and let them know how he is doing and all (hmph some friend) but all is well!

Since you’re home give me a call sometime Mr. VDO or maybe I’ll call you. Keyshawn you too hit me up. I’ve tried calling but you must have changed your number. If you forgot it just contact Obot for it. I hope to hear from both of you soon (at least before the tournament).

Umm…are there any confirmed teams, or is this more of a ‘sign/hook up’ as you go?

See the crappya part of this is that I put my email addy so people would confirm their teams??? Guess that did not work huh?

I hoped that people would take advantage of my email and sign up so we could avoid doing sign as you goes, but I took advantage that people would do this and I will be there two hours before the tourney starts to take reservations.


Do not be LATE PLEASE… I will hold off for 15 minutes! but that is it. i will start this at 5:00 but will hold to 5:15 if someone gives me reason enough to other wise i will start sharp.

Thank you for understanding. I wish you all luck and skill.