Mick Gordon leaves Iron Galaxy, Atlas Plug and Celldweller to compose KI Season 3 OST instead

From Mick’s Facebook page post:

From Ultra-combo news post:

The Q&A Interview is here --> http://www.ultra-combo.com/introducing-atlas-plus-celldweller-composers-for-season-3/ <–

So what do you guys think of this? Are you disappoined/excited? Where do you think will Mick go next?

IIRC, Mick never worked for IG. He was simply an outside contractor signed to do the music for S1 and S2.

Celldweller is weird. He is super skilled but makes the worst music of all times.

I knew this was coming, but I was at least hopeful he’d finish up Tusk & Kim Wu’s soundtrack before moving on.


On subject, Mick did a extremely wonderful job on the music for Season 1 and 2 (the only thing the was a bit lackluster imo. was Riptor’s theme but that was due to time constraints so that’s understandable).
To me he set the bar on what a fighting game OST could and should be (something that has been overlooked a lot the last few years, especially compared to SF4).
So yeah, I’m sad to see him go :frowning: I’ll wait and see with the new composers will do but they have big shoes to fill imho.

So much going on and the ultra-combo forums are still down…

I think Mick did a great job, although I’m not as obsessed with KI’s music as many of the fans. I’m not hugely into heavy metal, which is the sort of baseline for KI’s music. I tend to like the tracks that are unpopular - Maya’s and Riptor’s, for example. Anyway, Mick was certainly beloved and he will be missed by the community. Having said that I think the Battletoads theme is really well done so maybe these new guys with the weird millennial anonymous internet names will do a good job too.

His integration of the music in the menu’s and in fights and in ultra’s was spectacular, it’s a shame he couldn’t finish the last season :frowning:

Safe travels Mick, we’ll miss yah.
Based on the Rash theme it seems we’re in good hands thankfully.

I was sad about this at first, but Mick has done a lot for the game already and I’m sure they new guys will give the music the attention it deserves.