Micro switches on sanwa sticks


I’m modding my x-arcade with a sanwa stick and convex buttons for a ‘Japanese’ config stick to go with my ‘american’ Modded x-arcade (Happ Competition stick and Happ concave buttons).

I used cherry switches in the ‘American’ stick as i read that they are the best for Happ joysticks and are what is used in American cabinets, will cherry switches fit on a sanwa stick? also what is the make of micrositches that are used on actual japanese arcade cabs using sanwa sticks?, or is there a make that is considered the best for sanwa sticks?


ps. the easiest sanwa to put in the x-arcade because of the MDF thickness is the Sanwa Joystick JLW-TM-8, does anyone have any thoughts on this stick or used it? i know it’s not meant to be as good as a JLF but would an amateur and not a pro-competition player notice any problems? i love my Happ competition butwanted a good ball top for a different ‘feel’.

The Sanwa JLW is fine. It may not be as good as the JLF for fighting games but it is better than it for everything else (the JLF sucks for non fighting games). Just be sure you get the right version of the JLW (You may need to get the J-Stick version that Ultimarc sells).

IIRC, Sanwa JLFs use Omron switches. Don’t know about JLWs

I mean, wouldn’t both Sanwa sticks fit in perfectly? Since they’re both so tall, and the MDF perfectly accommodates the height,

JLF is not that tall

JLF mounts eight to nine millimetres below the surface. That’s about a third of an inch for Imperial types. MDF that thin is very very fragile.