Microphone jack not picking up headset on my te stick


hi i just reccently bought a dual modded te stick from a local scene member and everything works fine except it wont pick up my headset when i plug it in, tested the headset on my controller and it works fine so its not the headset. here are some pictures i took with my cellphone sorry about the dust just opened it up for first time gonna clean that out soon. ImageShack Album - 5 images


What console are you using the headset for?


my 360 if i need to take better pictures of any area let me know where i can take some more. guy i got the stick from said he did test the wired port before selling so it must be something new.


looks like the dual mod is powered by the 360 pcb it should work. I see the mic connection wasnt touched. If your using a 360 mic you shouldnt have a problem =[.
the grey line on the bottom right of the 360 pcb is the mic port. disconnect it… look inside make sure nothing was busted off or bent and reconnect. see if that works.


well everyone looks straight no b ends anywhere bah oh well if i cant figure it out he offered to pay for repair costs from our local stick guy just gotta go drive out there and meet up with him sometime.


What repair costs? I’ll tinker at it just to learn about it this time. Just lemme know when.