Microphone on PC Edition?


Any way to use the microphone in SSF4 on windows?

I`m using the Madcatz fightstick pro, there is a plug for the xbox headset, but I don’t have this.

why does the standard microphone not work? (it does everywhere else)


I don’t think the microphone on the controllers will work. You would need to use a PC microphone as the game will register from the sound cards microphone input, as opposed to the USB one. I don’t know if you can set it in windows to register from that one instead. I can check when I get home thought.


yes please.

I do not intend to use the microphone on the controller, I want to use the PC microphone which is plugged into the soundcard, but for some reason it does not react in the game???


I just tried it out. I have my microphone working as default. Check the default recording options to make sure that it is using the right device. You can use either the one for the controller (if it’s an Xbox designed one) or use the default PC input as follows. [Image Link] Click the device you wanted and hit “Set as Default Device” same for Windows Vista. If it’s XP, then right click and I think the option should be in there, I can’t remember as I haven’t used XP in almost 8 years. I hope this helps, if not let me know and I will see what I can figure out for you. My microphone is USB from a Razer Megalodon headset, but that shouldn’t make a difference really, so don’t worry about that.


well, mine (not usb) is also set as default…

how do you check if the microphone is working in the game? If I create a game online and look at the green volume speaker…then i speak towards the microphone and I don’t see this waves that come out of the volume speaker icon usually. i see this waves if my oppenent is speaking for example.


Strange, that is basically how I tested it. Does your microphone have a mute button on it? If not it’s possibly defective. Try an update to sound driver, that might help as well and if there is software for the microphone, try that. Also, if it’s on a headset, which one is it?


The microphone works everywhere else, teamspeak, ventrilo etc.

its a speedlink microphone.


Maybe the issue lies within the “Games for Windows Live” area. Hit the Home button on the keyboard or centre (Xbox Menu) button on an Xbox controller. After that pops up, hit “Settings” and then Voice and see if Mute Microphone is checked off. Disable if enabled, or enable if disabled, restart game then check the setting to make sure it was saved, test it. Lemme know how that works for you.


My microphone was turned on and I didn’t realize it until someone mentioned it to me. They explained that exact method and I was surprised about it.


wow that was it, thanks :smiley:


Glad I could help. Don’t hesitate to PM me if you got a question. I think a mod should sticky this solution or something, as I’ve seen a large amount of places this question being asked with no real answers.