Microsoft 360 pcb

okay so as im trying to get my T5 going for 360 i got a microsoft wired controller. and i cannot solder onto the pcb. theres like gray coverings. its the exact pcb from the padhacking thread. any suggestions? all help is welcome.

You need to gently scratch away at the gray coverings, exposing the copper underneath. Be careful not to damage the copper. Something along the lines of a sharp razor or scalpel should do the job, be careful with how much pressure you use.

Also I think it is possible to solder to the back of the PCB, instead of scratching off the covers on the front. Take a look at slagcoin.

awesome. i’ll check that out. thanks!

Yea, you can also solder to the little holes that go through the board, called a “via”. You do have to scratch the green covering off there as well though, so that some nice shiny copper is showing. Slagcoin has some good info there, as well as the stickies here!