Microsoft excel: The file cannot be open


Hello . Help me please to solve my problem with MS OFFICE 2007.

I receive an error message when opening .xls file in Microsoft excel: The file cannot be open.
It very important document! How to make excel 2007 file repair ?

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Oh no… I feel like I’m at work…


guys please help my te2+ is not being recognized by microsoft word 2000


Work on yer googling kung fu @keny002


To the vast majority, Google, stickies, and the search function apparently doesn’t exist in those people’s mind. Nah just kidding… I hope at least.



I have tried Open and Repair. Unfortunately no luck…
Thanks for help anyway


While overall people here are nice enough and will try to help for anything, I’m not sure if you noticed that this is a gaming community, and this subforum specializes in modding arcade sticks primarily.
Wouldn’t you be better off on the Microsoft Office forums and community?..


Sorry, I thought it is possible to ask questions of this sort.


Oh, don’t get me wrong, you CAN ask these questions, but you wouldn’t be necessarily getting the best experts to answer. :slight_smile:


A Google search returned this promising looking link (Excel Repair Toolbox was marked as the “Answer”).
Here the link
Here the Microsoft forum:

Good luck


Thanks for your help friend