Microsoft is trying to kill me

So here I was, itching to get my claw bloody after 3 weeks of no xbox. (Red Ring ftl) Everything is going fine, getting some beautiful wins and I go to sleep feeling happy and proud again.

I wake up to a horrendous thunderstorm, and suddenly my entire home is filled with an intense white light and an ear shattering explosion. You guessed it, lightning hit my house, frying my xbox, my TE, 3 TVs and my air conditioner >_<

So this makes 2 destroyed xbox360s in 3 weeks time. My warranty had expired prior to my red ring and would’ve cost me $140 to fix it, so I bought the 2nd one to save time and my sanity in the long run and just swapped the hdd. So when/if my insurance company comes through and replaces my stuff, I’m defecting to ps3. And if the ps3 blows up or my house burns down I’ll just have to be content being a forum monster.

So later xbl, hello psn… soon i hope.


saying you were itching to get your claw bloody sounds hella dorky lol

Apparently Microsoft has the power to conjure thunderstorms

if the ps3 dies it’s microsoft’s fault

Another reason why Vega is C-class? I guess the loafers weren’t good enough insulation. From now on if there is a storm coming, :dp::p: before going to sleep.

I’m chalking that lame rant up to mild heat stroke, lets forget it ever happened

I own a pair of the same loafers that Vega wears. I tell you they are the most comfortable shoes ever!

That sucks bro. You got my sympathy.

Stinks 4 u, dude. Add me on PSN when you get a ps3 for some mirror matches.

Did you use a surge protector of have you system plugged straight into the wall? I think surge protectors or suppose to help prevent things like that from happening.

Had surge protectors on all 3 televisions and they didn’t do a thing. Maybe they prevented a fire, who knows.
I’m not as emo about it anymore, looking forward to the day the insurance company cuts me that check so I can replace my TV and finally get a ps3.
It’ll be my 1st time on psn, and I’m excited for the “fresh start” I just feel sorry for all the scrubs I’m going to steamroll week1, its gonna be great.

I’ll even get to go forward with my new stick plans since my TE fried
This is what I have so far, maybe you guys have some clever ideas for me :


.::Bottom::. (A bit blockier than I had hoped)