Microsoft New Technology

This may be old news to some, but I think there are few out there that are not familiar with this technology.

Hope you find this cool if this is the first time you see it:




Yes. Its old news, but the technology is mind blowing, I can really see some legit purposes to this, and yes in even fighting games. Can you image just drop your memory/simm card on to the table and it loading up your stuff. The photo manipulation is also very cool, this is going to be common place in expensive resturants and so forth…

I can’t wait til its consumer level… I want… I want!

I agree… this technology will most likely work it’s way into video games.


It’s like a giant iPhone display.

ok, now THIS is cool.

i heard about this

INSANE :looney::looney::looney::looney::looney:

The Microsoft Research (MSR) demo festivals every year are always pretty damned slick. Too much good stuff. The MSR guys are nuts. :tup:

Its like god descends every year and teach thems something good to develop in :slight_smile: