Microsoft Official HD VGA Cable VS. Third Party HD VGA Cable... (Quality Difference?)

I’m looking to buy an official Microsoft HD VGA cable rather than a cheap third party cable because although the Official cable is almost 3 times as expensive as the non-official cable, I’ve always heard that in official Microsoft cables give head and shoulders better picture quality than cheap third-party cables.

Is this true or just evil Microsoft propaganda?

Btw, there is an actual Microsoft HD VGA cable drought in my area. EVERYWHERE I’ve called is sold out of these…

This. You can actually just use any-old VGA cable if you do this cheap and very useful mod:

Check your local Gamestop store for Xbox 360 VGA cables. They’re clearancing them for $9.99

$10 for my brand-new official VGA cable was awesome!

Straight up, I’ve used a 3rd Party Pelican Cable for VGA… It was pure Garbage, quality wise. It can achieve the high resolutions, but leaves you with video that has a this nasty ghosted image. I can also swear that their was input lag as well.

Spend the extra cash, and get a Microsoft made VGA cable. The VGA quality using the MS cable is very good and much better than the standard component cables and is completely lag-less on most monitor set ups.

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A couple of my buddies got generic cables and I got the official one. It still works three years later, and they are on their second and third cables respectively and they always bitch about the picture quality. Good thing they saved that money up front, I guess

I ordered a cheap Monoprice 360 VGA cable and had major ghosting issues, so at least make sure the cable is of decent quality before you buy it.

Apparently you lucked out, or my Gamestop is behind the times. I went in and they were still very much 39.99 =\

I bought a VGA cable from a second hand shop that was in some suspicious looking 360 packaging. I believe its a generic 3rd party one made to look like an official as there is no Xbox holographic image on the cable at all and it didn’t even come with a RCA to 3.5mm adapter. It’s done me well, but I bought my brother the official one for Christmas 2 years ago and I would recommend that completely. I’ve noticed a far clearer image and a bit more colour (important IMO considering you’re going to get a greyed out image compared to component or HDMI).

Spend that bit extra and buy the official cable, you won’t regret it.

I placed an order today for an official Xbox360 HD VGA cable.

Heard too many stories inc. the ones on this board;saying how some third-party cables are of cheap quality and produce crap “HD” picture quality along with other issues.

I use a third party cable but I didn’t buy it from a seller from china. Bought it from a seller in the US on eBay. The picture is good, I don’t notice any ghosting at all, but the color is not the same as on a SD television. The color being faded will be the same with any VGA cable. I’m going to head to a local GameStop and check out the official Microsoft one this weekend, a few stores here have them used at 10 bucks a pop so I’ll be buying one to test it out.

That probably has to do with whatever TV or monitor you’re using, not the VGA cable itself. Sure, a poor quality cable will most likely produce ghosting and/or fuzzy outlines, but I seriously doubt it would change hues in your picture unless a pin was loose or something. In that case, you’d probably be missing a whole color range entirely (I have had mistreated VGA plugs for CRT computer monitors do that to me by cutting out green or blue entirely until I wiggled it back into place).

Make sure you set your reference levels to advanced. It makes the colors much more vivid and seems to reduce ghosting as well. I never noticed this adjustment for the first few days of owning my official microsoft xbox 360 vga cable, and when i finally adjusted it, it looked a lot better… It does not defailt to this (for me anyway) so make sure you change it.

For analog cables you might want to go for the manufacturer’s official cable. But at the same time I’m pretty sure there are third party cables that cost 1/4th of the price and work just as well.