Microsoft paint question

Everytime I scan something from my scanner to MS paint and I save it, it blows it up like 1000x. Is there a way to scan actual size of paper or anything I put in?

Yes use The Gimp (free download, great program)

Have seen this MS Paint crazyness!!!


You’re probably scanning at a higher resolution than what you’re printing at.

Think about it, if you scan a document at 300 dots per inch (dpi), but then print it out at 200 dpi, it is going to stretch the image in all directions 33%.

Check the resolution settings on your scanner/printer and get them to match if you can. If you can’t just save the file at the resolution your printer works at when in paint (or GIMP preferably).

Like !(?_?)!, it’s probably an issue with resolution. If you scan something at 300 DPI, then print at 100 DPI the printed document is going to be 3x the size of the original.

You can use a program like The Gimp which is free, or a simpler one like Or there is also the option to just use wordpad.

Make the image in Paint, when you want to print it, select all, copy, open Wordpad and paste it. You can use the ruler on top of the window to figure out how big it’s going to be on the page when it prints.

It’s not an ideal solution but it’s a simple one and it uses software you already have.