Microsoft will discontinue LIVE services for original XBox games on 4/15

I figured this might be the best place to post this. I know several people here and elsewhere who still play some of the original titles online every now and then and set up matches in the CvS2/SFAC subforums.

I never played any of the original games online but this sucks for anyone who’s used it.

I can understand them pulling the plug on the old retail games for Xbox, but Xbox originals (the downloadable Xbox games on 360?) haven’t even been in service all that long which is kind of a kicker. Again, I don’t use it so I don’t know much about it.

Kind of sucks because I would occasionally play 3S or HSF online every now and then. Good job we still have HD Remix.

Now people will have to move on to 2df/Supercade and GGPO. I say good.

This is a good thing for XBL, the original Xbox is holding back XBL. Halo 2 is the reason we cant have friends list larger than 100 people or clan support or whatever other feature MS is trying to implement but cant.

CvS2 is NOT on GGPO.

This will make the Naomi hackers to step it up for emulation. Again, this is great news.

CvS, CvS2, SFA3U, MvC2 coming soon.

Don’t hold your breath.

Is Halo 2 really still popular? I assumed that everyone moved on to some other shooter.

I did for 3rd strike.


Zero1_ Yea Halo 2 is still that popular

Kinda sad, but at the same time, kinda expected. That email is just oozing with cheese, though haha… wonder how the Halo 2 fanboys are gonna take this…

apologies for playing the pessimist here, but faithful dc/naomi emulation on mame/finalburn alpha is years away. We have a much better chance of seeing CVS2 on XBLA/PSN in a year or two once capcom are looking for another legacy title which they can spin out with online multiplayer.

as far as xbox1 titles having their multiplayer jacked. I read on neogaf that Halo 2 had just 3,600 unique players still online, thats not a big loss.

No I’m just saying for the “coming soon” part. The cracking of CPS3 did happen very quickly, but that’s very unusual and really not the usual pace that these things happen. Not to mention it was a collaborative effort, I’m rather sure the noami emulator devs haven’t been sharing info. I would be much more inclinded to believe the Dreamcast versions of these games are properly emulated first since those emulators have so much more development behind them. I know the two are similar, but DC emulators are still way further along than Noami emulation.

When it comes down to it. Its just a matter of time. CPS3 didnt happen very quickly, took like 10 years.

ibrahim, those 3,600 unique players is the reason it took so long for MS to shut down Xbox 1 off live.

I’m guessing that there are TWO great reasons that we should be excited about this. I’m pretty stoked. :tup:

I was sad when I heard this because I never had the chance to play older Xbox games in the past (I was a PS2 guy plus I didn’t have internet access) but then I thought that it’s silly to try to recapture something that I never had the chance to experience. I think we;ll all survive it.