Microsoft Word was unable to start


Hello everyone.
When i try to open a document in Word i get the following error:
Word was unable to start
I have no idea how to stop it.
Please advise mr something for Word document fix.



Can you open word normally?

Can you open the document with other word processing programs?

When did this problem start to occur?

Were you ever able to open documents with word?

What version are you running?



Did this document come from an online source or an email?
If so, Unblock the document.


I am running Word 2010. The document was created in 2007.


Try launching Word first and the opening the document from inside it.


Did you unblock the document? You didn’t answer my question or confirm that you did.
I get that EXACT same error in word 2013 if I try to open a document from one particular official government office, if it hasn’t been unblocked.


Dafuq is this here for?


I have a weird hypothesis on this, what if it’s @JIM2033 in disguise to troll us once again and he changed his way of talking to make sure he doesn’t get banned… again? Man I’m such an asshole, but I seriously wonder why this is here too…


Install L I B R E O F F I C E.


No luck :s


Yes i did, i still getting the error


If it’s not a confidential document, do you mind sending it to me and I can see if word 2013 can open it? Is this document of special importance?
You can PM me if you wish.